Friday, April 29, 2011

Miles sweetlies (made up word!)

Miles said some cute things today and I needed to document them; so here goes!!

We went to breakfast at Egg'lectic. I love our special time when we go to breakfast. Everyone that works there knows us, and is entertained by Miles!! Pam, one of the hostess' started the ritual of when Miles finishes his breakfast, he can come to her for a quarter to get a gumball. We haven't seen Pam in a while, but she was back today, she spent some extra time catching up with us. During her time at our table, Pam taught Miles how to build a pyramid out of jelly singles. I gave Miles a few $1 bills to give to our server as her tip and when he looked down to notice them, he delightfully exclaimed "Look! There's a pyramid on it!!" Pam and I looked at each other in shock! I don't like to brag, but it was definitely a proud mom moment!! Smart boy he is!!

A sweet moment came today when we were at the dentist with Acilia. I was rubbing my head and mentioned I had a bit of a headache. Miles came over said "Mom, I can kiss it for you! I have lot's of kisses in my mouth"  :*)

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