Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mixed messages

Have you ever thought you were following God's will, but then suddenly thrown a curve ball that makes you not so sure how to act in the face of new circumstances?

This is my life as of late! We have had our house on the market for close to 6 months. The things that have happened in that 6 months have left me completely lost as to what our next move needs to be. I won't put you through all of my thought processes, but there are HUGE differences in a few different paths and honestly, each one of them could be deemed "God's will" because I have worked to quiet my heart to hear God's message. Tried is the key phrase. Each time I have what I think is a clear direction, another perspective comes in and I am left wondering which is meant for my family. I am one that looks for "revelations" in my day. I am always thrilled when one appears to me because it usually makes my next move crystal clear. That to me is God's voice. I have come a long way in figuring out the "whole picture" before jumping into something that I can't get out of, I am diligently riding this one out as the whole picture is made clear, but my head is spinning with all of the possibilities!