Monday, August 26, 2013

Just a few thoughts

I've been formulating this post in my mind for weeks. The perfect words come and then when it's time to sit down and write, the words escape me. How do I adequately describe how my heart feels as I watch my children grow up and know this isn't the world I brought them into? How do I take my 10 year old daughter who has known nothing other than Christian education and put her into a public school where every time I turn around I am hearing about common core and how kid's at young ages are getting sex education from Planned Parenthood, the same company that promotes and actively kills over a million babies each year through abortion. Do they really care about teaching my innocent daughter about safe sex or do they have their revenue in mind? I wanted to homeschool. I looked in to homeschooling, it feels like I am being called to it, but I always talk myself out of it. It feels like a fantasy to me, I get myself excited about the awesome potential, but then I realize this is not all fun and games and I don't have the stamina to keep up with schooling my own children. Is it too much to ask that God stays in our schools? What damage could that possibly do? Christ means, grace, self control, truthfulness, serving others, joy, and much more. Which of those is not a quality that America would like to see in the future generations? Why do parents like me, have to fight so hard for our children to be at school where we have faith our children are learning morals and not the latest sex positions? When will this tolerance for shoving God to the side and the tolerance for destructive behaviors end? Why is it OK to bully the citizens of America into doing things that go against religious convictions. Why would Hobby Lobby be forced to pay astronomical fines just because they don't support paying premiums for birth control, Hobby Lobby is a private owned company, started in a garage, the way a lot of American Dreams have started and they have the constitutional right to stand up for what they believe is right. Why are they being punished? Right and Wrong are very different things. If you are doing in your heart what is right, why is there no reward, but ducking your head and going with the flock that is misinformed and living in the dark is accepted. Wake up America! My kids are suffering from this and I can't raise them alone! I look to schools who get the privilege to share teaching my children and they need to take it seriously and stand up for what is right too! We as a country need to stand up to this government that is overrunning the morals that built this country and it sickens me that taking my child out of private school and putting her in public school is nothing less than putting her in a lion's den in many ways. It's not just schools. It's everywhere. I was watching Channel 5 a few weeks ago. I won't even say I was watching it, it was on for background noise. I was sitting in my kitchen going about my business when suddenly an ad for a night time TV show came on and clear as day this question was asked "So, if you are gay, how did you and mom have sex?" Honest to good gracious! Who allows this to be on daytime TV?? Why is it ok for a commercial to open up a can of worms for Lord knows who is watching and leave it to the flabbergasted parents to pick up the pieces when little ears happen to hear that poignant phrase. Is there no better way to advertise? Is this what we have come to? To add salt to the wound, I wrote a strongly worded letter to NBC to explain my disgust, and I have yet to hear back from them. I've come to find opinions are only welcome, if they happen to fall in to the perspective of one side and one side only. Anyone else can take a seat at the back of the room to be ridiculed for trying to grasp one last shred of dignity that this country has left.

So, here I am, with a heavy heart as my children grow and my ability to shelter their souls is dwindling as they blossom and gain more independence. My son started Kindergarten today, I know he will be OK because he is attending the same school my daughter attended and this school is the best around! It's not funded by the taxes, it's funded by the church and the parents who pay tuition, so the parents have an active role in what happens behind the doors of that school. As it should be. 

And, my daughter, who is starting school at a public school tomorrow for the first time in her school career, I am comforted by the fact that the office ladies have Jesus paraphernalia on their desks and that last year's school play production was Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, I am pretty well assured she will be in good hands too. But not all students are so blessed and that hurts my heart too. 

Parents, listen up for a brief second, take an active role in your children's education! These people are helping to mold your child's future and no matter where you are, educate yourself on what exactly you are getting with that tax money of yours. If you have a love for God, stand up for God because everywhere we look, God is being shut out, we are the LIGHT, we must not let it be dimmed. This country will go up in flames and our future generations of off spring will be left to clean up the pieces of a grim future! Remind your kid's that what they are taught at school is often not Biblically correct, pull out those Bibles and read scripture regularly and pray regularly with them and for them and for their schools! Teach them what is right by God's standards, not what is accepted by society's standards. Stay strong fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, our fight has only just begun!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


It's been a quiet summer revelation wise. I was thinking recently about how it's been a while since God has whispered something awakening to me. Perhaps He realizes I am feeling bittersweet about my children having such big changes this year, perhaps I was getting a break from the deep thoughts. That was the case until today anyway. Acilia and I went to a memorial to honor the mother of two women we know. Listening to the personal stories of this woman and just being in a room filled with people who loved her, it got me thinking about traditions. There was someone that got up to represent the friends in Florida, which was where the deceased had resided for many years with her husband. She had gifted new neighbors with cookies and built relationships the old fashioned way, with time and consideration. I started pondering what things will look like when my generation (20-30 year olds) is at the age of death. I can't even count how many times "life was busy" has been used as an excuse for not keeping in touch with someone! Life seems to have gotten a lot busier. I wonder how that will affect traditions. As a country it is becoming apparent that changes are being made. God is getting put under the radar in many ways where He was boldly apparent in the past. Even funerals have a Biblical map that's followed. I then began pondering how Atheists handle funerals, without the promise of Heaven as their comfort.

My eyes were opened. Something woke up inside of me that gave me a strong desire to cherish my relationships old and new, and to hold fast to traditions and to God, and to pray for this country as I do believe that things have gone downhill in many ways, however God can and will stay in control and for that I am thankful to love such a powerful and almighty God!