Monday, February 22, 2010

Fond memories formed

Last weekend, Acilia's school hosted a "Daddy * Daughter Dance". Last year was the first she ever attended, and due to the health issues Al was dealing with, he was unable to take her. We were so thankful to Al's brother who stepped in and took his niece to the dance so she wouldn't miss out.
This year, was different. Al is healthy and strong and he eagerly took his place as the "daddy" who would take his sweet "daughter" to the dance. They got dressed up nice, Acilia wore her Christmas dress, and Al wore his suit with a "tie" per Acilia's request. :*)
They set out for the night and danced away! They both really enjoyed themselves!!

Material things vs. words

It's always nice to get a gift. I love opening them, or picking them. I love the thought behind them, I love giving them!! I love getting them too :) But you know what's better than a gift, words. Words spoken in a complimentary way. Words from the kindest part of the heart. Words that change your life. Words are free, words are true, words can be spoken at any time. They are words, they are a part of our life that can make us smile, they are part of life that can make us cry. They are powerful!
Very recently, Al used words to hurt me. He cut through me like a knife with his words and it slashed me to my core. Things have changed dramatically and I couldn't feel more blessed!
Christmas time he bought me a great camera! One I chose, I love it!
The other day he bought me a car. I adore these material things that he has gifted me with, they are afterall, really nice. I can sit here and type about how nice they are, but they are just material possessions. They can't fulfill me on an emotional level like words can. Words are powerful afterall. So when I went online yesterday, and came came across the status update that Al had typed on Facebook, my heart melted with surprise and delight! He had posted something so loving about me that I couldn't even form words in response. He typed about how excited he was to have the "sweetest, kindest and most giving wife in he world" and then thanked me.
He can buy me everything out there, but he could never touch me as much as he did with those words. I truly feel loved!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did someone say "Cadi?"

I've seen them on the road.
Always thought they were nice.
Ok, I lied, I freakin' loved them!
But thought they were out of our price.
I sold my car 8 days ago.
With nothing to replace it.
I was without a car for what felt like forever.
We were on a search for something we both liked.
Something that may last for a while.
It's not everyday, you walk away from car shopping with a smile!
All hope was not lost, it just took a bit of time.
We wound up buying something I never thought I would have.
Something I only dreamed would be mine.
Today, Al brought home a new car for me.
One I had picked after shopping online.
It's perfect, it's pretty, it's white, it's all mine!
I can't believe it's mine. Thank you isn't enough!
He made me feel oh so loved and that sure could have been tough.
I am done rhyming now, I may as well just spill.
The car I got was a Cadillac Escalade.
Guess I better put it in my will! :)
(Shameless attempt to rhyme!)

You capture! - Shapes


This challenge was GREAT!!! I hope you enjoy the shots I captured!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Capture! - Kisses


My sister in law and I giving our father in law a peck on the cheek :)

Acilia and I on her birthday

Blogging world

I just recently had a taste of what blogging world provides. Many people have no idea what blogging even is, others do have an idea and they turn their noses up at it. Letting people into your life. Sharing details that in some opinions should be kept inside and not public. I find blogs that I am drawn to and read about the lives of people I most likely will never meet. I become attached to these people and am touched by the stories. Stellan, a little boy who was born with a heart condition was miraculously cured a few months ago. My how his life has been changed for the better! Angie's blog, a mother who lost a child only hours after being born and is now pregnant again. I follow a blog of a husband, who's wife has cystic fibrosis and now, another newly discovered blog about a girl in her 20's named Eva. She is literally on her last days of life; yet takes the time to blog and video and these words and images will forever be cherished by her family! These stories are meant to be shared. These stories are meant to shape the hearts and lives of others. There is a reason why blogging has become a normal part of life, whether you write, or you just read. Some will never understand it, however, I am glad I am not one of those people!
Someday my story will touch someone else, and I will be glad to have shared that treasure.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boy do I have a long way to go....

Well, I can grow and grow and grow spiritually. I have felt it within me, loving all the improvements. There is one thing that is still quite in need of fixing. Material wants. Boy oh boy do I have a long way to go!
We sold my car yesterday. We have been on a hunt to find a new (used, but new for me) car and we have been having a heckofa time finding something! I feel like I am being reasonable with what I *think* are good things to have....SUV, 3rd row seating, leather seats and *Acilia* would LOVE a DVD system. Certainly not mandatory! We went to Carmax yesterday to see a Nissan Pathfinder, had all we were looking for, I was pretty excited to go in and see it in person! Looked really nice in pictures! Well...we get there, and I could tell right away I wasn't going to like it! (BUMMER!) Al and I walked around the lot, and I spotted the best, dream car ever! My heart even jumped a little bit and I got a bit of "giddy" in my step as I walked over to check it out. I had gone with an open mind to see the Pathfinder and I find myself tripping over my feet to get over to a LEXUS as quickly as I could. We drove it, it was a true dream. The mirrors moved when you turned the key, the steering wheel too! All is customizable to the driver. There is a reason why Lexus trucks are so coveted, they are an "everything is thought of sort of car"!! I left it on the lot and have spent the last 24 hours trying to find one just like it for a cheaper price, clearly that Lexus was out of our price range! When you see something like that, and you walk away, how do you possibly get your standards back down to where they need to be (read: affordable!) I am incredibly dissapointed in myself! I have had people recommending great cars, but at the end of the day they just aren't "me" and it bums me out that "me" happens to be a "higher price tag". I pray that God works inside of my heart; but for now, I have hubby out shopping, he's out to find a car I will love at a price we can afford!
And just for dreaming purposes, here's a picture of the beauty I drove yesterday!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

To work out means to....

Have your body not very happy with you! I started working out again this past week. It's been far too long and with 20 extra pounds lingering since having Miles, I believe it's time :) I am blessed to have a workout partner a few days a week. My good friend Liza has the perfect set up in her basement. An area for us to workout to the videos she has, and on the other side of the basement is another TV along with every toy you can think of for our boys to play while our girls are at school! So, the *goal* is to workout with Liza three days a week, and on my own at home 2 days a week. Weekends are built in to be "rest time" but I will probably end up doing various stretching exercises and maybe a few little maintenance tone ups to keep my routine moving smoothly :)
It's been a good week, I've already sweat WAY more than I like (good sign right??) and each muscle in my body hates me!! And, who's counting (I am) I lost a pound!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I visited a website and typed in my name.
This is what came up...

Cute, dainty, a fighter, not a pushover, caring, loves to laugh, loves to perform, has a love for animals.
I love the name Karrie. It is a unique spelled name and anyone with those qualities is definitely a keeper :-)

I will tell you this is exactly the boost of self esteem I needed today! How fun!

And, since I liked so much what it had to say about my name, I entered the names of my family in too :)

Albert (Husband): I asked him whether I should type in Al or Albert, he said Al, I am LITERALLY falling off my chair cracking up at this defining context! LOL!!!
Short for alcohol. Also has a connotation of referring to someone.
Everything was fine until Al decided to show up. After that, the whole night was a blur.
And, the reference to "Albert" is worse!!
a complete idiotic a$$hole (I think Al took that one personally!! I think it's hilarious and a little bit crude! LOL!!)

Acilia (Daughter):
Yes!!! Her name isn't defined yet, I am bummed, but it also proves to me that we truly have a unique name for our daughter!!
Here is "my definition", I also added it to the website...
Lively, loud, shy and one of a kind just like the name!

Miles (Son):
1) The sweetest, most amazing boy anyone could ask for.
2) The one person that you can't spend enough time with
3) A guy that can put a smile on your face, no matter what kind of day you're having.