Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life is so cool!

I am a big believer in God putting people and "things" in place to discover the right path. Sometimes those things are unexplainable or seem to be from out of nowhere, but I definitely see the big picture and always think "is this a piece to the puzzle of my life?"

One of those "things" happened today, and I am in awe of the coolness, yet I am not quite sure what it means yet!

I had an architect here this morning to talk about the reality of my home plans; I showed him around my house as he was leaving. I was pleased that he suggested a few minor changes (easy, no cost changes!!) to amp up the curb appeal to bring in buyers. Our house is on "For Sale By Owner" so any free, professional advice, I soak up like a sponge!!! As soon as he left I got to work taking the screens out of my porch (per his suggestion) to open it up and modernize it a bit. (Hubby probably won't be too pleased with me about that, but that's another story!) I was working hard, was on my last screen and someone pulled up in front of the house "Are you the owner of this house?" she asked. "Yes I am!" I offered to grab a house flyer for her, since our box was fresh out. She asked if they could come in and see it! I thought to myself "boy am I glad my beds are made!!" I told her they were more than welcome!! So, they came in. Cute couple :)
Turns out the husband was a new pastor for a church nearby, one that I had never heard of. (a church I looked up immediately after they left!! I am curious that way!) I couldn't help but think how cool it would be if a pastor moved into this house!! I won't get too excited because what are the odds of them thinking it was perfect and being ready to buy it, but by a few of the comments they made through the tour, made me think they've lived in a home like our's before (read: OLD home) and they seemed to have a good experience :)
There are two types of people who buy homes:
The type that LOVE old, charming homes...dream of living in one someday.
and the type that have "been there done that" and realize that they are charming and cute, yet they are work and sometimes not the most rewarding kind of work :)  (I may have another post up in the near future about the "joys" of being a homeowner to a home that's over 100 years old!)

I got a bit off topic, but when the couple left, I had a cool feeling inside that said "Keep moving on this track Karrie, you are on the right path!"

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