Monday, April 11, 2011

Challenge Day 30

Your spouse or significant other

My husband Al, (short for Albert) is one of a kind. He has a phenomenal work ethic. Started out as an electrician when he graduated high school and today at the age of 32 has been running his own successful electrical business for 5 years. He wears many hats as husband, father, business owner and still finds it within himself to be goofy and crazy and fun. His kidney's failed after battling a virus at the age of 12 years old. He endured going through dialysis and a kidney transplant (his father was his willing donor!) 14 years later his transplanted kidney was failing; so he had a second transplant (I was his donor!). I pray that we have many years of health with this kidney! The competive side of me wants my kidney to last longer than his dad's kidney did! ;) 
Al is a fighter and he works hard to protect himself. Having something like kidney failure in your life is bound to teach a few things about how precious and fragile life is.  Maybe a little too much; as his wife of 6 years I still feel as though I haven't fully gotten into his heart and soul to see him for who he really is. I see his soft side with the kids though. He's a loving father who demands respect but will roll around on the floor wrestling and giggling with the kids.
Al loves riding his motorcycles. He has two bikes currently; both are up for sale though :) Even though he will always love riding and tries to be as safe as he can, he's at a point where he would be ok to sell them and move onto something more family oriented.
At our baby shower in '02 testing some of the gifts :)
taking a break with all the kids last Halloween
Family picture

Al and Me many o' years ago!

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