Friday, May 15, 2015

It's been a while

Let's get this part out of the way, I haven't written in ages. No reason other than I haven't been moved to visit this space, I am sincerely sorry.

I am moved to write today. This is something I've been chewing on for a bit, and then while reading an article about why not to leave the church (completely different topic for another day) there is a quote at the end and boom, I had the itch to write!

Here's the quote: " If the Church is going to continue reforming, it will be because of the ones who stay— not the ones who leave."


Now, replace the word "church" with "public school" My oh my we've been hearing a lot about public schools! I grew up going to one, but my kids hadn't experienced public schools due to our own family decision to send them to a local private Lutheran school. I didn't feel I had a right to discuss current public school conditions, because we were not seeing it first hand, so it's impossible to get my facts straight about something I don't know personally.

Our dynamic changed last year, when our daughter, the oldest, Acilia began attending a public school. It was not out of distaste for the school she was attending, but for us, we felt it was best to get her into a public school so she can establish friendships that she will carry into high school. You see, the private school we found to be the best fit for us, is a 25 minute drive from our home. This is sad really, I would love to have found one we love that is closer, but it's very slim picking, which is fine, God led us and we went with it and we were blessed. With a 25 minute commute to school, what you have are great friendships, that you never see outside of school, because those friends live all over, and none of them live close.

Over the last two years, I have had my eyes opened to what is going on in public schools. The school my daughter attends is actually the same school *I* attended when I was her age. There is the sentimental value that is sacred. Then you have what appears to be great morals and values. Awesome! Until this year, there are things that I will not detail here, but there are things that have led me to believe without a doubt, that "politics" have gotten to our little school and it's a BIG problem. So big in fact, that the mother in me would love to pull my daughter out and to homeschool or better yet, get her right back in to her Lutheran school that was "home" for years.

I can't do that though. There are two reasons why:
1. Because God led us to be exactly where we are. God's plan is for our daughter to be in public school and this is the exact public school that she is meant to be in. So, biggest reason being I listened to the Holy Spirit.

2. If we pulled her out, there would be no chance to make change. If you don't like something, "then leave" is the common thread mentality in today's society and friends, it's very very dangerous. Pushing people out that disagree with your perspective, is a way to single handedly change things in your favor. That is the "weak man's method" I won't walk away. It's too risky. Schools of today, NEED push back, they need people who are willing to speak up about how negatively these subtle changes are going to play out if they keep up. The squeaky wheel gets the oil right? Well, fellow Christians, I don't know about you, but I've always been taught to be "quiet" about my faith, live my life the way I want, others live their lives the way they want. Yes that's true to an extent, but here's the thing, being quiet is not helping our cause! Again without going into too much detail about what's happening at our particular school, things are changing and our youth is at stake. These are the kids who will raise families someday and to have their schools teaching them to believe one certain way, "Opinion based, not historically based" it will have future consequences for all of us.

The good news is, God is on top of this already! I am comforted knowing, no matter what I do, God will do it better. However, as a Jesus loving child of God, I will be sure God's light is everywhere we are. And pray, we pray daily about our schools, that the teachers have Jesus in their hearts and are willing to set a Godly example in their classrooms. Public school or not, we need God everywhere.

Join me in asking Him to be a strong presence where others are trying to push Him out.

I pledge Allegiance,
to the flag,
of the United States of America.
And to the Republic,
for which is stands.
One Nation,
Under God,
With Liberty
and Justice
For All.