Monday, April 25, 2011

Maybe the perfect one just isn't out there....

I have been on a hunt since 2008 to get out of the house we live in and find one much more suitable. I've found homes along the way that seem like they could work, but there is *always* something that doesn't work; and even if *I* love it, Al does not. We are cool like that :) We are opposites. It used to be a source of complete and utter frustration but lately, I am learning that the things that Al and I disagree on are actually areas where I find that need improvement on my part. Al's ability to "sit on things" in a way that makes me nuts, translates to me learning some patience for example. Same applies to homes I am finding. I have the ability to look back at the homes I loved; that Al didn't care for and in hindsight realize they were not the right home for us. Well, there is something you don't know about my childhood. I was a bit of an artist. I fondly remember sitting in my room for HOURS drawing floor plans for houses. As long as I can remember, it's been my dream to live in a home that I designed. To me; dreams I had were always so far out of reach I had just assumed that they would never happen. My creativity is a bit faulty in that way. I dream big.  In recent weeks, Al and I have been discussing the possibility of building a home. One that is suitable for our needs. In a conversation yesterday, I found myself telling Al "It seems too good to be true. Building a home that I designed has always been a dream of mine" Al replied "Maybe I can make your dreams come true." then he reminded me of dreams coming true for him, me having a kidney match for him was an example he used. I can't argue that one!
I've begun drawing up plans and allowing myself to get excited about this possibility. Finding myself asking "can we do this?" Al seems pretty convinced we can! He is a rare breed. He has unbelievable abilities when it comes to handywork. He takes the DIY of life and turns it into a professional, seamless job well done. It's something about him that I am so amazed by! He's incredibly talented. When he tells me "we could do this" I believe him!
It's so very overwhelming. The thought of finding a piece of property. And the thought of literally building a home custom to our needs from the ground up. Deciding every inch of the home; every outlet, every window, every piece of drywall. Al and I are a good team in that way though. I design, and he builds.

*This is not a final act; we are just contemplating at this point; but excited nonetheless!*

Team Al and Karrie :)


  1. WOW! your journey just moves me more and more each time I stop by here.. Lifting up your dreams to heaven!


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