Friday, May 28, 2010

Putting yourself out there

Funky position. Blogging automatically puts you in the "public eye" category. But what if you don't like that? What if you like to get your thoughts out, yet don't want to be held accountable for them?
Facebook does the same sort of thing. You put your status updates out there. If you decide it wasn't a good idea to post, you could technically "delete" it. Yet, not without the chance of someone already having read it!
I've weeded through my Facebook friends. Not because I dislike anyone. More so, to gain some control of my vulnerability factor. I mean, do 604 people REALLLLLY need to know my thoughts? Nope, not really, I am not sure even 10 people REAAAALLLLLY need to know. But for some reason, I still put it out there.
I think it's an organizational thing. I have so many random thoughts that go through my mind on a regular basis, why NOT share them. Maybe someone could take what I say and use it in their life. (Then again maybe not).
It puts the vulnerability thing at a whole new level though. I come up with some crazy stuff. Yeah, I do. I admit it. Mostly because I've been told I do (in not so many words anyway). Makes me feel crazy sometimes the way people react to what I say. Should I censor myself? I often times come to the conclusion that I am just fine the way I am. However, that can be cringe worthy at times.
Love me? Or don't :)
But, I'm not changing! Atleast I am struggling not to change, because somewhere somehow, someone loves me just the way I am!! And accepts me for who I am.
Wow! This was a random post :) I apologize.
I hope it was entertaining atleast!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

You Capture! - Sky


What a fun challenge!! I especially like it because VERY recently (within the last week) we have had some great sky scenes!

And these, I will fully admit they are about a year old, but they are too suitable for the challenge NOT to put in !

Tearful good byes

It's hitting me now. The end of the year is near. Acilia will be out of school June 4th. We have decided she will not go back to that school next year. It's a tough good bye. When we were in the midst of making our decision for next year, it seemed so distant from the present. It was as if we knew it would come, but never *thought* it would.
We are less than 2 weeks away from being done at a school we love. It's really bittersweet. I tear up everytime I think about it.
I know, I mean I trust, next year will be great, and year's following. That's the comfort I can have when we listen to God's messages to us, and follow his will for our family. It doesn't mean it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. We are emotionally attached to the lives we have created thus far and with that comes daily interactions with what we know and love coming to an end. It's an end. No one likes the end, even if it means a new beginning.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A day worth mentioning...

Today was a big day for me. Today I launched my new business as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne. I hosted a spa party at my house, wine and appetizers were served, and we showcased a product that is so good (GREAT!!) that it sells itself. This company has integrity and I am so glad I am officially a part of it!
I have adapted a new motto:
"No one will discourage me. I have what it takes, I just need to open myself up to learning"
That is what I believe it takes to be successful. I am going with it :) Care to stop me?

This morning, after I dropped Acilia at school, Miles and I went to Eggclectic. Our favorite place to go for breakfast. The man was there again. Coincidentally we ended up being seated RIGHT next to him. What a treat! He recognized me right away and we did formal introductions. Turns out his name is Don. He was married 56 years and his beloved wife passed away 7 months ago. My heart ached for him, but I didn't cry today. It was nice to converse with him, get to know him a little bit and I think he enjoyed watching Miles :) It was a nice breakfast. I have a feeling we will see Don more often, we both seem to like breakfast at Eggclectic!

On another note, yesterday marked one year since Grandpa passed away. In honor of him and his legacy left behind, I wanted to share (again) this post, in his honor:
In Loving Memory of Oscar

Monday, May 17, 2010

How I dreamed

I dreamed as a child, but they were always dreams that I never thought would come true. I dared to dream big; but had no intentions of following through to make my dreams come true.
With my kids, I work hard to allow them to dream AND realize that dreams come true if you work at them! No one has the power to discourage dreams, they are all your own.
Acilia, our daughter has been dreaming of horses her entire life. OK, maybe not entire life, but a good 4 years, which when you are only 6, that's quite a chunk of your life!
Acilia has saved every penny that came her way since a very young age, because she wanted to buy a horse someday. She has saved enough to buy a horse, but we are now teaching her that *just* buying a horse won't *keep* a horse. There is the upkeep which from what I hear can be quite pricey. Aside from upkeep there is the boarding. We don't have a home that has enough room to keep a horse, so that would mean the horse would have to stay elsewhere. Although she has spent a lot of time scheming where we COULD keep the horse (ex. the garage, the dog pen...) She has not once gotten discouraged and because of that I feel we must move on the path of getting this child a horse!
Backing up to my childhood, and how my dreams play into this whole story. I always wanted a horse!! I have wanted one for as long as I can remember, but never in my wildest dreams actually thought we would ever get one. I have talked myself out of it numerous times, but it's not so easy to talk yourself out of it when your child is the one dreaming. It's more "How can we make this happen?" Hard work, bring in money to purchase bigger property. Get my drift? Let me share a little cuteness! Acilia and I have done some searching as to what it takes to own a horse. One thing we found was that in order to keep a horse on your property, you must have 1.1 acres per horse. That must have stuck with Acilia, because every time we look at a house, she asks if it's "1.1 acres" Sounds cute coming out of the mouth of a 6 year old :)
Now, dreaming it's tricky if you don't work for it, it won't happen. My dream, my daughter's dream I mean; is to have a horse on our property. Acilia and I chat all the time about what it will look like, where we will ride it, what we will need to care for it. It's so fascinating to truly plan for our next house to have a yard big enough for a horse, and to think that quite possibly it *could* really happen!
Lucky little girl I have; she may get her dream soon! Blessed I am; to have a daughter that shares her mommy's dream :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

You Capture! - Depth of Field

ooooohhhh how I love this challenge!!
I wanted a new camera and photo editing software JUST to achieve the awesomeness of depth of field!! Looking forward to this one!

This pic is my fave, and the best part, no depth editing was needed! I love when my camera does the work for me!

Friday, May 14, 2010

A beautiful day to remind us of the fragility of life

I will begin this post by explaining I am a tender hearted emotional fool lately!! I cry at the drop of a hat, and truth be told, it's getting incredibly OLD! I spent my earlier years making fun of people for crying at movies, or at sappy commercials, or anything else equally as cheesy. Well, let me just tell you, I am getting it back ten thousand fold! I can't sing, because I cry! I can't watch geese with their babies because I cry! It's getting ridiculous!!

This morning, I had the opportunity to please God. :)

I went to breakfast with Miles. We visit this place in a little downtown area a few blocks from where Cya attends school. We go in atleast once a week. The employees adore Miles. The food is great. It's just a fun little thing to do. Today we went in, sat down and started our breakfast fun. A man walked in. He was of senior age, had an air force hat on and was wearing glasses. He came in and sat at a table close enough where I could eavesdrop, if I wanted to. I don't do that, well not intentionally :)
His server walked up and greeted him, she was acting very compassionately to him and told him how she had been thinking of him a lot. He started to cry. He took his glasses off to wipe his eyes and my heart just melted. What was this man's story? Why was he so sad on a beautiful sunny morning? Why was the server so concerned with him. It wasn't my business, but I truly ached to know, ached to walk over and hug him (that would have been weird!!) ached to do SOMETHING to put a smile on his face. It came to me. I followed through and what unfolded was just beautiful and sweet and had me crying even more! When the server came over to check on me, I told her I had in my heart to do something for him. She was touched and stated he had just lost his wife. Heartbreak!
I am purposely not explaining what I did, because truth be told, it matters not. After I completed my task, the server asked if I wanted her to tell him who it was. I said no, she could just give him a note I had penned. It stated something along the lines of "Someone is smiling upon you today; hoping you get some joy out of the beauty all around us, and signed it Karrie and Miles (Fellow diners)"
The note was taken from me, it was time for us to leave. Miles was able to get his gumball that he always gets, and when we walked out, there was a train, so we stopped and watched it in the middle of the sidewalk. When we turned to go to our car, I noticed the man in the window, he made eye contact with me, tipped his hat and mouthed "thank you". I smiled and acknowledged his sweet kindness and I continued to my car. I got in the car and lost it!! It brought back a flood of memories of the last year, our first year since Grandpa passed away and how fragile grandma has been. Even though she has been incredibly strong through all of this, it's just earth shattering to lose a spouse and it's something that no one can make better. Even those that love you most.
Along that note though, there is a closeness that you feel to those that have lost a spouse. Even a closeness to strangers. Something you all have in common. Something that just doesn't seem fair, yet somehow, God carries everyone through it, and moves others to make a little bit of sun shine, and give hope.
Everyday for me, has been a true lesson. I am humbled and honored that God chooses me so often to touch the lives of others.

Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths Psalm 25:4

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My kids

Got some cute ones today of my kids enjoying the nice weather

Thought I'd throw a few in of the "big kid" too :)

AKA My hubby :) :) :)

Photography fun

I could take pictures all day of the beauty that is sprouting this Spring!

Can you guess what this is a picture of? Think about it before you scroll down! Don't cheat!! :)

Is this what you guessed?