Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have a love for photography, I also have a love for the good 'ole county fair! I did a little bit of digging today to see if Acilia could enter anything in the home economics building at the fair this year, turns out, not only she can enter (pencil drawings! Her specialty!!) but I can too with adult class photography!! So excited, I eagerly looked through my pictures from the past year and settled on these! I ordered them all in 5x7 and will be submitting them when the time comes! You will note the titles under each picture, that describes the class I will be entering each one in. Enjoy!

"2 or more flowers"
An animal other than cat or dog
Black and white portrait of 2 or more people
a dog

black and white shadows

insect or bug




still life



Some randoms

The end of the year is nearing and I am at a loss for how I feel! I look at both my kids and can't wait to have more time with them, I love watching them interact, they aren't always the best or the kindest to one another but when they have their moments of love; it just melts me to a puddle!! I wait all year for summer, so now that it's upon us I am already dreading the fact that it's going to fly by and before we know it, another school year will be starting and that puts my little girl at FOURTH GRADE and my little boy in preschool THREE days a week!! It's true what they say "The days are long, but the years are short" I am striving to be the absolute best mom I can be and though I feel I've got this parenting thing under control, I do have my days where I am assured I am a little rough around the edges! :) I am so thankful that each day is anew and with that I get a new chance each morning when I wake up! Acilia and I got some one on one time on Friday night, we took a quick little bike ride, we stopped at our local park to have a little rest on the bench. With rest comes a chit chat and boy do I love those! I set myself up for a bit of a predicament when I told her "So, you are going to be NINE YEARS OLD NEXT MONTH (caps because I still can't believe it! Where did my baby go!?!?) that means I've been your mom for 9 years, how would you grade me?" She pondered for a quick moment and then declared "B+". Ooh, ouch? I was striving for an A! I asked her what it was that she loves about me as her mom, she first said she loves that I take her on bike rides and loves when we have alone time to talk. She also said I am nice. :) Then I asked what gave me a B+ and not an A. She said sometimes I don't understand her and sometimes she gets punished for things she didn't do. Ok, I can handle those! Easy fixes! :) We talked about how we could work on those two things, I told her she could just let me know if I am not understanding what she's telling me, then she can reword it to try to get her point across, as for the punishment for "crimes she didn't commit" I was able to use that as a teaching moment to inform her of the fact that though she doesn't lie often, it's just enough for us to doubt what she says sometimes and the easy way to fix that is to not ever, ever, ever lie! Easier said than done I informed her, but reminded her no matter what, even if she knows she will get into trouble for telling the truth, she still needs to always be honest. God's rules girlfriend :) As I noted recently on this here little blog, the itch to look into adoption is still ever present. Infact, the feeling is growing and I am not quite sure what to do with that. I've requested some information, I feel that's a logical next step, I keep talking to Al about it, I can honestly admit he's not nearly as intrigued as me, but he's not saying no to the idea too. I am happy that he's atleast open to learning more. Afterall, his only argument is the financial aspect and honestly, that's his argument for everything, so I am not surprised :) Acilia had a hard time falling asleep last night, so I went into her room and laid with her for a bit, she was dreaming about what it would be like to have a sister. She also said she dreams of sharing a room with that sister and went on to explain her vision of what their bedroom would look like. I was impressed with the elaborate detail! She really is my daughter! Always dreaming, always planning, always allowing sky to be the limit! I love that about her! Her dreams of having a sister prompted me to come downstairs after putting the kids to bed to do a little more research on adoption. I left the websites up on my computer, something I often do when I want to go back to something. Acilia found the websites today and asked if we are adopting a child to bring into the home. Al was there too and I just told her I was reading up on it. My mind is full of possibilities!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Motherhood passions

Mother's Day is impending, I believe we can all agree that it's a day to share appreciation for the hard work that goes in to motherhood. I was pondering how to speak about Mother's Day and thought it would be fun to share one thing that I work to do well as a mom. We all parent differently, and I find it fun to compare and inspire as we all can agree that we do what do out of a deep love for our children!
For me, it's so very important to be encouraging to my children at all times. I work so very hard to always speak to them in a manner that helps their little ears hear how excited I am for their dreams, their passions, their likes, etc. I talk to my kids all the time. We dream and we envision. I encourage them to share detailed descriptions of what they hope for someday. Acilia is a lover of horses. Her true dream is to have a horse someday. I believe it's my job to help her believe she WILL have a horse someday. Then Miles chimes in, I want to be a firefighter, I can't wait for the day I can drive the big firetrucks! Yes, Miles that sounds amazing! You can do that. Yes, sir!! I encourage independence by cheering them on as they learn or try new things, my heart melts when I hear the excitement in their voices as they share an aspiration with me. I was a child that had many crazy ideas, I know how important it is to have adults believe in you and I feel it's my duty as the mother of my children to be their biggest fan!

I will note the fact that I had a hard time choosing just ONE thing, I won't go into detail (that may be considered cheating!!) but I will say I also feel it is 100% beneficial to be a good role model for my children. It's invaluable to me to know that my children are always watching me, learning from my actions and I can preach to them all day every day about how to act, but they won't learn from my words, but my actions!

Have a blessed Mother's Day whether you are being celebrated or celebrating someone else that is special in your life!!

Deeeeep breath

Well, with the big news lately about Obama sharing his supportive views on Gay Marriage and a 26 year old mom breastfeeding her 4 year old son on the cover of Time magazine, and then as a sort of domino effect of views spilling out into internet world of yay/nay way to go/appalling responses, I must say, society needs to CHILL THE HECK OUT! I can understand the Internet world allows for fingers to do the talking and opinions to go flying, but come on! I am calling the white flag movement! It seems these days for something to be accepted by society it must be literally JAMMED down our throats until we yell, OK! OK! I GIVE UP!! I'LL ACCEPT IT! Every single controversial issue out there is going to cause some ruffled feathers, both sides usually have valid arguments, but please, please, let the extremes fall away!! Could you imagine what life would be without "shock value" being added?? It seems the media takes the absolute most extreme case of something to use as the "grabber" and then there is the story. Media want to do us a favor?? How about being OBJECTIVE. Get facts from both sides, I am saying FACT, not opinion and allow the public the form their OWN opinions. It is so very hard to look at something and form an opinion when it's shared in a one sided manner. Michael Moore is prime example. The man has strong beliefs, he has made movies and gotten his opinion out there and yes, there are many people that agree with him, but what about those that want to look at the issues and form their own opinion? He is very persuasive, but he does NOT take both sides and share them fairly. I remember watching his movie Sicko, I tried very hard to watch with an open mind, he brought forth valid concerns and had plenty of people in there that could vouch for how wrong our healthcare system was working. But how great would it have been for him to have some on the other side? Those that have had jobs through healthcare and it has worked for them? There surely are people out there that could have opposed what he had to say, I would have had a lot more respect if he had shared the other side too. You can ALWAYS find someone to support your cause, but it takes real work to get your cause out there with an objective view point, therefore allowing you to win the opinions of others based on their own views, not being cheered on in your opinion and your opinion only. There are so few people out there (I am talking to BOTH sides of politics by the way) that share the facts. Just the facts, not the spin 'em facts, JUST the plain old facts. The CNN's and MSNBC's of the world, news casters, journalists, stop the sensationalism and JUST REPORT! Society media now has gotten so far out of hand and it's sickening to me. Do us all a favor and do what you are paid to do. Report the news. Not your version of the news, just the NEWS!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A&P is behind me!

I have officially completed the most challenging course so far in my college career and boy am I relieved! I realize there are going to be more challenging courses along the way; but for here and now, I choose to delight in the fact that I have a break and I am done done DONE with Anatomy and Physiology! The instructor was not bad at all, infact I chose to have her again for the second semester of the class, she has a passion for teaching and compassion for students. I didn't like her tests; at all. I studied my rear off and it never paid off, there was not the reward of a good grade (except for a few occasions) and over all, I am disappointed that I was a mere 10 points away from a B for this semester. I was constantly frustrated with the things she chose to put on her tests because they always seemed to be things that I had a basic understanding, but apparently not clear enough to answer the questions. As I said, I am disappointed, but so very relieved I don't have to take the class again. You see, I don't like having a C, but I would have been beside myself if I got less than a C, therefore having to take the class over again. So, I move on. Happy to have this notch in my belt!! I do have to mention, I was thinking I was doomed at the beginning of the semester, for the first 4 tests each grade came in at a D, oh that was not pretty! I was a ball of stress wondering what the heck I was doing wrong because the first semester (same instructor same material) I was getting B's on the tests. I realized I was allowing the stress of Al being hospitalized manifest itself into my concentration while studying and taking my tests. Midterm came and I was able to turn it around, getting better grades on the tests, which is literally the only thing you get graded on, that and your 10 extra credit points for attending every class. So, yes my grade was pulled up, and I was relieved that even if I bombed the final, I would still pass the class!

Next up is Nutrition. It's a summer class and I am hoping praying I get more out of it; because come fall, it's back to the "drag" courses, meaning the ones I am NOT looking forward to! (Fall is Chemistry, Spring will be Microbiology! Yuck and YUCK!!) I am still on track to apply for the nursing program next year, which just makes me giddy! I can't wait to get started, so I can get finished!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Made it to May!!

Hooray! Hooray! We made it to May! This may not seem  like a big deal, but this year for some reason when May 1st hit, I started thinking about how I "made it". I dragged myself through winter as I do every year, with anxiety and seasonal depression in tow and though spring summer weather made a cameo in March, and technically spring arrives in March, it takes the month of May to really feel like we are on our way to summer. I work so hard to find things I like about each season. Summer is the best, I like spring because it means summer is on it's way and fall is tolerable with the crisp temps and absolute beauty of the trees turning and all things harvest. Winter is by far my least favorite. I do enjoy a little sledding in winter, I love the buzz around Christmas, but ultimately I can not bring myself to enjoy winter, I literally count the days till the end barely tolerating the cold temps and icicles hanging from the roof. My spirit comes alive once the snow melts and the grass starts to turn green. I am a summer lover through and through. May 1st arrived yesterday and I started thinking about how the school year is almost over and how my relationship with the alarm clock can go on hold until September, I can look forward to spending lot's of time with my kids, exploring nature all around us. Having a lighter schedule which includes getting up and getting ourselves dressed each day whether it be in swimsuits or sundresses and doing all the things we love to do! My biggest responsibility in summer is "don't forget the sunscreen"! It's such a free spirited time of the year. We aren't rushed through our days, or crunched to get to bed on time, we enjoy being outdoors seeing nature alive and thriving! It has arrived, we have made it! May is here and with only few weeks left of school for the littles, I am going to enjoy my extra free time once my A&P course is over. Speaking of, I have a lab practical tomorrow and my final on Tuesday, then I am DONE DONE DONE! This course has been my most challenging by far. It didn't help that Al's acute kidney failure happened at the beginning of this semester, I was pulling D's on all my tests, my concentration was simply not there! I came to terms with having a C in the class which is minimum to pass to the next step, I found out last night I have a 77% in the class. Technically if I do well on these two upcoming tests, I could potentially bring my grade up that last 3% that's needed to get a B. So the challenge is not over yet, even though my motivation is mostly completely gone! I would definitely appreciate some prayers that I can keep it going all the way through and that it pays off! I would be content with a C, because it took a lot of work to get even that low grade, but a B would make me feel world's better!!

Here's a funny story related to my A&P course, we learn allllll about the body, how it works, where the parts are, the medical names, the whole shebang. I went for my yearly check up at the gyne the other day and as I was walking out I noticed a little model of a uterus sitting on a counter. I thought to myself, oh look, there's the fimbriae! It made me giggle to myself because I would never have cared what the name of that teeny tiny part near the ovaries was until I had to study it for a test :)

On the topic of the gynecologist, let me just take a moment to share the importance of annual check ups. It's critical for your health, so even though you can most likely think of ANYTHING else that's more fun, it's a necessity of life. Take the time to take care of yourself! Further on that note, I am going for a mammogram. I am only 31 years old, which is young for a mammogram, there is no cause for alarm, (I believe) I've had a little bit of pain on and off in my left breast, it's different from typical hormonal pains. I checked it out with a self exam, my doctor checked it out the other day, we both found nothing, however he feels to be safe, it's wise to go get it checked out with a mammogram. I am thankful for the opportunity to have a doctor who cares enough to make sure I am in the clear. I am praying it's nothing, I feel confident it's nothing, but it's worth being checked out. So there you have it, another random post via Karrie! Enjoy your day!