Saturday, April 2, 2011

Internal frenzy

Whenever something goes on in my life; my brain has a tendency to obsess over what's going on; leaving me feeling overwhelmed. The day will come (hopefully sooner rather than later) where we officially sell this home and move to a new location. There are so many factors that play a role in this and it's just too much to think about sometimes. My brain is all over the place. Have to sell the house before looking for a house. Have to get prequalified for a loan before figuring out where to look. Kinda want to look to see what's out there for what price before selling this house. I could go nuts!

In the meantime I am on a cleaning frenzy. Organizing closets to maximize the look of storage. Disposing of things I have no intention of moving to a new home. Dreaming of how we will decorate the kids rooms. Looking at every inch of my home with a scrutinizing eye to attempt to see what a buyer may see as a positive or negative. Detaching myself from a house that I have lovingly cared for as "home" for the past 6 years and feeling very alone in the process. I can't do anything without hubby yet he has jobs up to his eyeballs to keep him busy with work for the next who knows how long!

Every time we talk; it seems we are on the same page, but our methods and priorities aren't quite lined up. What's new right? :) I am praising God that *HE* knows where we will go and when, I am just praying that becomes clear to me and soon!

Here's the place we've called home for 6 years!

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  1. You're home is beautiful Karrie! Hopefully it will sell in no time!


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