Friday, April 15, 2011

Debates and opinions

I have my beliefs. I have always had a desire to know where I stand but have never felt completely educated on subjects because I would rather live my life instead of following the news. News is good for telling me the weather, but telling me what's going on in the world? It's a bit skewed! Who do you believe? The media ? Who finds the entertainment spin and puts that on the truth to get something that's not quite the truth? Kinda confusing if you ask me! I have always admired my brother and my dad for their innate sense when it comes to politics. My beliefs are directly in line with theirs, so they are sort of my "go to" guys when I want to know educated facts.

I put a lot of time and energy into researching parental methods and fine tuning my skills as mom. I believe I have a solid base with how I approach parenting. What do politics and kids have to do with each other? Well, government and media seem to be zeroing in on what we as parents do when raising our children. I have a big beef with a few things. Here me out.

Children in cars. Should it be illegal to leave your children in a car if it's done so in a way the parent has kept safety top priority? My personal opinion is ABSOLUTELY NOT! Prime example. I regularly stop to grab bagels in the morning. We are often running late and there is no reason why I should bring my kids ages 7 and 3 with me when they can stay safely and content in the car as they wait for their breakfast. We pull right up to the front, there is a huge window and I can see the car from where I am. I am usually in and out within 3-5 minutes depending on the line that day. The children stay in their seats and the car is locked. I do all I can to ensure a safe experience and in turn I am hoping my 7 year old picks up on some independence in her mind. It's good for kids to feel they are being "trusted" with responsibility. What's happening though is paranoia. NOT that something is going to happen to my kids while I am inside getting bagels for a few moments, but the paranoia that I am somehow going to be reprimanded or worse *arrested* for this very act. It feels risky. I feel pressured to make a choice that puts me in an uncomfortable position. I am mom, I know what's best for my kids, yet I keep hearing stories of mom's just like me getting into BIG trouble for leaving their kids in the car. I refuse to believe their situation is exactly like mine, considering I am within my legal rights...(10+ minutes for children under the age of 7 is illegal in Illinois; I have actually printed a copy of that law so if I do get "caught" I am educated on my rights as a parent.) maybe they left their kids longer  Moral of the story is; media/law enforcement is planting seeds in parent's minds and we are left to question our instincts. Let me tell you something, we were given instincts so we can do what's best for our family. God given blessings to keep safety close by. There are people out there that are NOT responsible but I firmly believe they are not using their instincts or thinking about what is best for their children, they are simply being careless or negligent. When the laws start putting parents that should NOT be parents, and parents who truly believe they are doing what is best for their children and are acting out of love in the same mix, I have a problem with that!

Another topic: Vaccinations. I can see both sides, I really can. I have two children and I have used two approaches to vaccines. Acilia; my oldest, had every vaccine that was recommended right on schedule because I trusted that my doctor's knew what was best. Acilia never had any adverse reactions to her vaccines and completed them on schedule. "Perfect little mom right?" Well, that's how the pediatricians office perceives it. With Miles I took a different approach. I am not fully against any vaccines except chicken pox (this is a virus that though in rare circumstances has proven to be fatal; for the vast population chicken pox are harmless. I disagree with vaccinating against chicken pox). With Miles though I felt that I wanted to slow his vaccinations and create our own schedule. We did the vaccines that were a direct threat to him as a tiny infant and from there we have worked with the doctor at our own pace. I believe 100% he will be complete by the time he starts school so it worked out perfectly for us! Except the "guilt trip" they lay on you. I have had to sign forms that I had refused such vaccinations, etc. I realize doctors need to cover their behinds when it comes to healthcare, but it's just one more area I feel parental wishes and instincts are being overshadowed by politics. I have a major issue with flu shots! Most people I know get them. I don't, my kids don't. I will tell you why...the flu strain changes each and every year. The past flu is what the shots are based off of but they can not predict what is to come. So you are basically getting a shot that will only prevent certain illnesses. If it's not across the board going to protect you, why put it into your body??

If these are hot button topics for you, I welcome your thoughts!! I hope I have not offended anyone, I will close by saying, these are just my opinions! When a parent takes their child(ren)'s best interest and makes it their focus for raising them, I believe you can't go wrong! Kudos to parents across the board!!! Our job is tough and the ones that care enough persevere and become the best they can be, for the love of their kids!


  1. I love discussions like this!

    With the kids in cars, I honestly can't see myself ever leaving me (none-existent, imaginary) kids in the car without me, but then I remember all the times my parents left my brother and I in the car. All the times my friends parents did the same thing. It was such a non-issue not too long ago. I do have to wonder when that changed and it became taboo?

    With Vaccinations, it's something I'll have to do more research on when and if the time comes. I agree 100% with you on the chicken pox vaccine (along with the flu vax and anything else that isn't deadly). Beyond that, I tend to be more holistic and lean towards the side of not going the way of Western medicine just because it's what everyone else does. That said - I am sure there are some vax's that I'll want to opt for.

    I figure I'll figure it out when and if the time comes! :) But I definitely think it's one of those things that people should be free to decide what is best for their family all on their own, without judgment. I hate that the medical community isn't set up that way though...

  2. I love that you replied with your opinions!! Great insight!


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