Friday, April 22, 2011

Another course complete

I've been on this school journey since the summer of '08. How many people do you know that started college in a summer speech course? Likely I am the only one ;) Oh and I must remind you I had a 4 year old and a 3.5 month old at the time as well!
I have come a long way. I have enjoyed each and every course I have taken which I will checklist for you here:
Certified Nursing Assistant
Psych 1100
Psych 2237 "Developmental Lifespan"

I feel accomplished! I really do! I am working slowly but diligently to complete my goal of applying for the Associates degree in Nursing program by next year!

There has been a method to my way of selecting courses. Speech is something I was terrified of. I HATE speaking in front of others. It was a bold move, but I decided to get it out of the way first. I figured if I could complete that course and still be standing, I was off to a good start :) Let me recommend to you that if you do not like speaking in front of others, but MUST take a speech course, do so in summer! The class is of smaller size as well as most young adults who are taking summer classes don't want to be bothered with coming to class. I had a really small audience each time I had to get up to give a speech! Boy was it nice!! I ended the course with a different perspective...I felt empowered to get up and speak!
Second course was English. I opted for a flex learning course. I met with my instructor one on one for a weekly appointment. Between those appointments I was to write papers. I was so quick with my writing and I believe only once I had to fix my first draft, I finished the course early! I will admit I love writing, so it was quite easy for me, but the struggle was learning the "institutional" way of writing, the whole APA style references, correct grammar, no add ins (I like exclamation points and smiley faces if you've never noticed!)
The next course, my CNA was strictly to ensure me I was on the right path. I figured if I couldn't complete my CNA course, I should not be bothering with moving forward with becoming a nurse. My CNA course was AWESOME!! I loved it so much, I left yearning to be in scrubs in a hospital setting!!
I took two semesters off after my CNA course because literally a day after finishing the course was the day hubby and I went in for our transplant surgery! I had planned to take the first semester off, then when I went to register for the summer classes, our funds were low. Every class has to be paid for outright. Nice not to have student debt, but it's a struggle to come up with a couple hundred dollars each time I sign up for the next class.
I completed Psych 1100 with no problems, enjoyed the class and now I have the Developmental lifespan under my belt which I thoroughly enjoyed!!! I enjoyed it so much my grade reflected :) (Warning, proud moment coming!!) I finished the class 2 weeks early. Our instructor has a method that if you do well enough on your first two tests and do all the coursework, you could have enough points to skip the final and still get an A in the class...I am so happy to report that I was one of those students! Today was my last day of Developmental Psych and I have a few weeks off before starting my summer A&P which I must admit, intimidates me!! I have heard horror stories about taking A&P in the summer, being equivalent to suicide! Shorter class time (8 weeks instead of 12 or 16) and a lot of memorizing when you want to be enjoying the beautiful weather! I pray I am ready!! :) Pressure grows each semester to keep my 4.0!


  1. It took me 7 years to graduate from college, but I am SO proud of that accomplishment... And I'm so proud of you too lady! You are such a rockstar, and you are going to make it to your goal before you know it!


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