Monday, April 11, 2011

Digital world

The beginning of the school year was met with a typical piece of paper. A "supply list" for the new school year. On that list was a disposable camera. I didn't think much of it, after all you can still find them in the stores so it was an easy "check" off the list. Last week's field trip I noted Acilia's teacher snapping away as the kids moved about learning. Then after school we were given a bag containing a note with instructions and the disposable camera that had Acilia's name on it. "Please develop the film in the camera and return the prints to school." is what the note said. I didn't realize just how long it has been since I had prints developed from a film camera until I went to Walgreens to drop the camera and could barely figure out how to say what I was trying to do! "I'm here to, uh...I'd like to have some, uh, film developed" I then quickly mentioned how it's been years since I had been in to develop film; hoping to explain why I had a sort of "stumbled" moment in my brain. Digital world is what I have been immersed in and you don't realize how far technology has come until you step back into the world right before it. It was a funny little time capsule moment and it just made me stop to think how quickly life moves and how we sort of just naturally adapt.
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  1. my dsylexic children are so thakful for digital stuff.. spelling and reversals are not as big a deal when there is spell check and a keyboard!


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