Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My day

I may have spent my day outside enjoying the beautiful weather
I may have gone to my friend Hilary's house and admired her preggo belly
I may have rushed through Target in hopes to get Miles home for a nap
I may have cheered out loud when I saw they had the Archer Farms blueberry streusel bread
I may have mourned the fact that I was to have no quiet time this afternoon since Miles missed his nap
I may have offered to let hubby work late even though he was supposed to be home to watch the kids
I may have gone to the doctor today for my yearly check up
I may have coached a woman (pregnant with her first child) about using "gravity" during natural childbirth!
I may have noticed how relieved she looked after learning that information! :)
I may have had a bit of baby fever today!
I may have been irritated with the nurse for not being more accurate with my weight!
I may have still weighed 13 pounds less than last year's visit!!
I may have been told I am 5'6.5 when I've been *almost* 5'8 in the past.
I may have shrunk! Seriously! I thought that happens later in life!
I may have believed my nurse measured me wrong.
I may have been pretty impressed that my doctor who delivers hundreds of babies, still remembers when I gave birth to Miles 3 years ago; because it was a crazy fun first for the hospital kind of delivery :)
I may be able to tell when my husband works with all men; because his language changes ;)
I may have to clean my ears with soap after listening to that language!
I may have burned my blueberry streusel toast while typing this post!
I may have melted when I was putting my kids to bed, I feel so blessed! They are just so precious to me!
I may be sitting here at 9:12 without hubby home, even though he left at 6:30 am.
I may be praying extra hard for him so he is able to balance work, family life and rest!
I may be feeling overwhelmed about life!
I may be sitting here wondering what the heck will happen in our life in the next few months!
I may feel completely unsettled not knowing where we are going to live and when we are going to move!
I may have been heartbroken that my 7 year old was crying real tears over the fact that she lost her DS at her cousin's house.
I may have also been content with the fact that she is learning a big lesson about taking care of her things!
I may have just last night had to threaten to take her bikes away if she leaves them outside again!
I may be too tough on responsibility, but I really want my kids to learn that they clean up after themselves!
I may be sitting at the computer right now when I should be showering and getting to bed!
I may have a whole paper to write tomorrow for my Lifespan Psych course because I have been putting it off all week!
I may have published this post once, but went back to add more
so now, I will officially say
I may be FINISHED! :) Good night!

I may have taken the opportunity to snap a pic with Miles since we both had hats on!

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