Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Challenge Day 27

Your favorite meals or recipes.

You are talking to a girl that eats quite a bit of food! I go through stages of "favorites" right now I am loving chicken taquitos...I just buy them in the freezer section at Jewel, how's that for an easy recipe? :)

The best meals are the ones that are made FOR me, not BY me :) :) :) Homemade mashed potatoes and gravy are awesome! Pot Roast with extra carrots! Comfort foods!

I have a lot of great recipes, but I really just wing it most of the time. I am a stove top kinda girl, skillets are my best friend with olive oil as the nonstick base. I love putting chicken in a skillet with rosemary, sea salt and lemon juice. The family goes crazy for it! I also love stir fry type meals...just last night I took fresh cooked broccoli, frozen corn, noodles and the leftover chicken and spruced it up with some water (to keep from drying out) and lite soy sauce. Simple and tasty!!

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