Friday, April 15, 2011

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I am typing at 3:42 am. Been up since 1:36 am. What woke me? Well, of course it was puke! Nothing is more jarring in the middle of the night than a good dose of puke. Miles is the victim. Poor poor child! I always wonder why God created puke and better yet, why he made it so horrifying to watch come up. Miles hasn't had the pukies yet in his short life, one more milestone we can add to the list. Miles has a habit of climbing into our bed in the middle of the night (know where this is going?) I awoke to hear a "cough" and feel a splatter on my face and instinctively cradled him and ran to the bathroom. The weird part is we thought it was a fluke. I swear it had not much of an odor, it was a cough instead of the "wretch" and overall it was just a weird incident. He was acting fine almost goofy once he was awake enough to be coherent.  45 minutes or so passed, I had set up towels on the floor by his bed, a bin for puke just incase and cleaned everything up, set up camp on the floor in his room and was expecting to try to go back to sleep. Then it happened. This time there was no denying it was the real deal. Poor baby. I will say he tolerated it really well. So I have a system when the kids have the pukies, and now Miles gets the "joy" (lack of better word?) of sleeping on the couch with me. We have "drop cloths" and towels and everything washable covering the couch and the floor. Hand sanitizer and wipes ready for use! Puke bin present and has been used several times since we came down here. I have a channel called "Baby First TV" on that plays instrumental lullaby's and shows soothing images through the night. So peaceful. Well aside from the puke :(
Finally Miles seems to be settling in as I type this, first bits of sleep since waking up the first time. I hope he's done for the night. Maybe I will try to catch a few winks myself...though it usually isn't too deep a sleep! I am thankful for my instincts of waking up quickly! Most recently it saved Miles from falling out of my bed. I swear, strangest thing how mom instinct works, I was in a deep sleep one night and didn't even know he was in our bed, when suddenly he started to roll and I caught him right before he knocked his head on the night stand. Happened with Cya once too. She has been known to sleep walk once or twice. I remember once long ago dozing off for the night in my bed when suddenly I awoke yelling "CYA!" she was just outside my doorway about to go down the stairs!! I pray that instinct stays with me always; it's a great tool!


  1. Poor thing! I hope that Miles feels better. Instinct is a great tool for moms, I think it'll stick around for a long time. Thank you so much for your lovely visit, it is such a treat to have you over the blog:-) Hope that you have a blessed weekend!

  2. I started reading this post on my blogger dashboard, and literally 15 minutes later, I had Luke's chocolate milk puke all over me! It was his first time too (at least that he can remember) and it freaked him out. He threw up twice yesterday, and he seems fine today. How is Miles?

  3. We did the regular schedule with our 1st and then a slow schedule with our last two. They will be up to date by kinder. I agree with the car situation. There are times that I want to run into a store with a full view glass window, to pick up food and I have to get all 3 kids unstrapped to go in for 2 minutes.


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