Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deep breath

As much as I feel donating a kidney to my husband was meant to be; so is writing a book about the experience. I have always enjoyed writing, I LOVE having a blog, but writing a full out nonfiction novel is quite daunting. I definitely feel it's something God is urging me to do. I am praying about it, immersing myself in life changing stories and most of all picking my brain to reenact the details of the whole experience. The inspiration comes and goes, so there is no telling when this book would be ready but it's really starting to shape up as the recalling of the experience seems to be charging into my brain!  My excitement about it is what prompted me to write this post! You, my readers will be the first to get a chance at the book when it comes! Feel honored? I hope so :) Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Karrie, it's Suzanne, your donor friend, LOL! You should try to think back to the days when you were going in to be tested/matched, think about the car rides to the hospital, the waits in the waiting rooms, the tests. Remember the moment when YOU KNEW you were his match. If you need any help, feel free to reach out. Maybe I can help inspire u. Talk soon! xoxo


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