Sunday, March 13, 2011

Urged to inform you....

Since my life is so important and all and I feel like you just can't sleep at night without knowing what I am going to be calling my husband; rest assured, I have taken suggestions and have settled in on one we are trying out :) (Sarcastic much? Maybe! Ha!)

Albert, Al, Alby, different, fun, flows nicely! We may have a keeper, though in all seriousness, I am still slipping quite a bit and calling him Albert, old habits die hard! It's been a fun few days in our house! I feel like a confused puppy!

I am compelled to note the truth behind the "fluff" of this shallow, fun, useless topic. Something deeper presents itself.

I am working really hard to become a better wife. Not just a wife that Al wants, but higher; be the wife that God wants me to be. All of the hard times that Al and I have gone through; I put a lot of blame on him. He was just more outward with what he was doing to me. I was suffering and in defense mode. Those times were completely relevant to our lives. It was so hard to walk through, but on the other side now I see that God was shaping me and gently urging me to open my eyes to myself and to realize that my passive aggressive defensive ways even though I wasn't the "offender" most times, I was still not acting in a Godly way toward my husband. I am soaking up all the information I can to be a better, Godly wife and I still have miles and miles to go. Every time there is a conflict between us, I find myself praying hard with confusion as to what I need to do in each and every situation. It's truly exhausting. I am growing so fast I feel the growing pains in my heart and though there is so much hope there is also a demanding stamina that sometimes I just don't know how to keep up. Each and every day is a trial and I am happy that some of those days I am able to go to sleep knowing I did it the "right" way in God's eyes. Each day I learn something new about what God wants from me and I have the comfort knowing that as I learn, he is there with me.

I am excited to share some of the specific things I have learned to be a better wife. However, I am not quite ready yet, I want to master them first so I can speak from experience, not just from the books I am reading :)

Our 5th anniversary trip to Vegas August 2009


  1. I love that picture! You look beautiful!

    And does this mean I won?!? ;)

  2. What a great pictures of you two :-) Isn't being a wife hard? Well being a good wife :-) Cute post!

    ~Kimberly --- my new site ;-)


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