Friday, March 11, 2011

Challenge Day 10

Your favorite room in your house.

I struggled with this one. I love many rooms in my house; and don't think I'm weird, but our two bathrooms rank on highest! NOT because they are bathrooms, but the way the light comes in and shadows the colors we have painted, it's so fresh. Especially our upstairs bathroom. It's a cucumberish color with white tile on the floor. Anyway, I had decided I would not be taking pictures of my bathrooms because that would be plain weird. So, I settled on choosing my bedroom. Not because it's the best decorated room (the paint alone is the most "neutral" of all the rooms!) but I have a cross wall set up in the bedroom which I adore, I love the fact that I get to sleep in a huge, comfortable bed and I love that the ceilings are vaulted. When we bought the house, the ceilings were about 8 feet tall, when we renovated, my husband added vaults to our room which really makes it feel larger! And, best of all, we have TWO closets!!!! Yes, don't have to share with hubby which is REALLY nice! :)

standing in the doorway, looking to the left
standing in the doorway, looking straight
far corner of the room
peek a boo :)
I am not a fan of ceiling fans, but hubby insisted, and I was pretty impressed with this one!
I love how the windows are low!
looking out of the bedroom into the hallway, oh, if you look really hard you can catch a glimpse of the upstairs bath!
Just love this wall hanging :)


  1. I love your cross wall. It gives a serene vibes that you are always in the protection of God. And I think tht ceiling fan coordinates well w/your decor. Well done.

    Thanks for stopping by in my blog.


  2. Many years ago I too had a collection of crosses. I love yours. I say choose the bathroom should this post topic come up again. Weird is good. It simply means you're unique, and I like that.

    You dog is so sweet. And I giggled at the peek-a-boo shot.


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