Friday, March 18, 2011

Slow to judge

Learned a little lesson today. I took the kids to the library today. When we walked in there was a child causing a ruckus and the mother causing an even bigger ruckus. Nothing bothers me more than hearing parents berate their children! The child continued to be quite a pistol, she was screaming "I HATE THIS PLACE" over and over and over and over again. It was quite uncomfortable. My instinct was to silently judge the situation. Then my heart started to shift to how horrible that must be for both of them. The mom finally turned a switch on herself, told her daughter she loves her and started to talk to her in a more calm manner. After a minute or two of calm speaking, the little girl told her mom she was hot and she needed a drink. Easy fix! The little girl walked to the drinking fountain with her mom and then she was a perfect angel. Interacting with all of the children; full of manners and charm. The mom went back to a computer where she was doing a search of some kind, I overheard her on the phone explaining "her side" to what seemed to be an attorney. I am not one to draw conclusions but it became very clear to me this woman was going through an ugly divorce. My heart just broke. Clearly that child was going through a major change in her life, the mother was doing her best to hold it together and pressure of being in public at an unfortunate moment had both of them at their boiling point. I wanted to reach out to them in some way. My heart was aching to do so, but I just didn't know what to do or say. I gave the mom a few smiles and interacted with her daughter while she was near my son. The whole situation just reminded me how important it is to not judge others because you truly never know what they are going through!


  1. My heart just aches even reading this. You really never know another persons story or what is behind their behavior on any given day.


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