Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Challenge Day 17

 Are you named after anyone?

Not that I know of. Boring answer :)
I will add a little flair to the answer by saying this, how the spelling of my name came about wasn't quite so boring. My name is spelled "Karrie". The reason is because there was a horror movie named "Carrie" out when I was born and my mom specifically decided AGAINST the spelling with a "C" because of that movie! Guess she didn't want her sweet baby to be compared to horror! (Can't say I blame her! AND I happen to like my name spelled with a K)

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  1. I am named after Megan from The Thornbirds. Glad your mom picked Karrie with a K!

  2. I can't stop laughing...that movie scared the daylights out of me in middle school. I did not sleep for weeks!


    PS not named after anyone:)


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