Monday, March 28, 2011

Challenge Day 20

Oh my dear! I am losing it! My mind has so much going through it, I can't keep up with all that I got myself into :)
Today is Day 20 of the 31 day challenge, and I feel it today. I feel the urge to just *skip* a day and oops! :) Not gonna do it though! My commitment to sticking with things this year is going to hold strong even when I feel like taking a break!

So....challenge day 20!

Your biggest insecurity.

My first thought after reading this, is really? Today? Not only do I NOT feel like doing the challenge today, but to be vulnerable and share my biggest insecurity?!?! Are ya kiddin' me?! My biggest insecurity is totally shallow. It's skin deep, but guess what, I have been struggling with it for years upon years and I would give anything to be make up free and fresh faced in my youth...but I can't. I have poor complexion. My skin is in a state of constant break out and if I don't have any pimples, then I have leftover redness to be seen on my pale fair skin. I absolutely will NOT let anyone see me without make up and that's quite a facade to keep up at all times. It's frustrating and tiring all the same! So there you have it. Big insecurity!

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  1. My husband struggles with his complexion and breakouts too. I can tell you that I bet folks don't notice it near as much as you do! My husband will point things out to me that if he hadn't said anything about it, I probably would not have noticed at all.


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