Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Challenge Day 16

Your least favorite chore

I DESPISE cleaning toilets. It's an ick job for this priss!

One of the toilets in my home that needs regular cleaning :)

BUT I will add a spin, I love vacuuming! It's my favorite chore. Not that I like chores at all, but there is something so satisfying about sucking things up with the vacuum! The best is the crickle, crackle SLURP that it makes if one of the kids leaves crumbs on the floor!
(I admit, I've officially lost my mind! ha!)


  1. Cleaning toilets is rather ucky, but I'd rather do it than mop anyday.

  2. weirdo! lol jk I don't mind vacuuming that much but I don't LOVE it.


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