Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walk of shame

Miles and I go on frequent trips into "Einstein Bagels" and we have gotten to know the people behind the counter. We love going in there! Last week small talk with one of the employees had us sharing that it was Miles birthday soon and with that came the employee offering him a birthday treat next time he came in. Today was that time, and I was surprised the employee remembered. He offered Miles his choice of a HUGE cookie for his birthday treat :) How sweet...LITERALLY SWEET! Miles of course being 3 now and having no patience for waiting till after lunch was joyous when he found out I was going to let him eat it right then and there, at 9AM! This is the same mom that regularly tells my kids "no cookies, candy, ice cream, ect. in the morning" and they still ask almost daily! :)

Well, Miles thoroughly enjoyed his HUGE cookie "wif sprinkles ontop" and I was thoroughly shamed as we took our stroll back to the car. I could just feel the judging eyes coming from onlookers! Or maybe that was my paranoia; I mean what mom allows her kids HUGE cookies in the morning?? I guess *I* do :)  (Or did, probably won't again, unless it's a reaaaaaaaalllllllllly special occasion like a birthday *wink*)


  1. I love the Miles quote! And I think a birthday is the perfect excuse for a little sugar in the morning!!

  2. No shame. It was a special treat! :)

  3. ha! I wouldn't think nothing of it. Everyone deserves special treatment on their birthday!


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