Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Our life tends to take two lanes:
The wait and see approach.
The fly by the seat of your pants approach.

Putting our house up for rent and looking for a new home was sort of planned to be the "wait and see approach". Let's work on putting it up for rent, and see if we get any interest.
We've done it before with trying to sell the house. Had a For Sale By Owner sign in the front yard, only got interest from investors. No thanks, move along.
Rental market is different. Apparently! I listed our home on Zillow this morning, put a sign in the yard this afternoon and within ONE HOUR of putting the sign up, I had a person call me that wanted to see the house in 10 minutes. Nervouswreck.runaroundlikeachickenwiththeheadcutoffcraziness. sweatinducingspeedcleaning. I was ready for a showing. On 10 short minutes notice. They walked through. Liked it. Wanted to bring the husband back to see it. In the meantime I got another call...guy called three times, then his mom called. They want to come see it on Friday. Walking out to get Acilia from school, the family that came to see my house shows up again with the husband this time! Really?? I didn't know you were coming back today! LORD HELP ME! I show them the house again, then rush to get Acilia from school!

Same thing happened when we sold my car. You feel like you have to look before you sell, but then you start to look and you hold off because what if you find something but can't buy it because you have to sell first? VICIOUS CYCLE! I ended up selling my car on the spot and it took me 8 frantic days without a car to find something to replace it!

House hunting is similar. But with a twist. Al and I have very different taste. I will explain how we purchased this house. I was hunting for atleast a year; doing all the leg work with my realtor. If I found a home I thought Al would like, I would bring him back to see it. 99.9999% of the home visits consisted of him stepping 1-3 feet in the door and vetoing the house before seeing any more. Frustrating is the understatement of the day! So, when I came upon our current house, I noted that I thought Al would like it. I will mention here that I didn't say a word about the house to Al. I just couldn't take any more rejection! My realtor took it upon himself to call Al; show Al the house (without me knowing)! Al took it upon himself to make an offer and within 45 minutes, our offer was accepted!!!!!!!!!! 6 years of home ownership later, it's time for our family to find something more suitable. We have our ideas about what would work best. Too bad our ideas are a little different :)

I just pray; this time around is not so stressful; although seeing the way it's starting out, we may be in for a wild ride! :)

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