Sunday, August 1, 2010

SO excited

I am THRILLED, ECSTATIC, GIDDY with excitement with the news that my childhood/lifelong friend Nena is pregnant with her first child!!
I grew up with a few close friends, I was the first of my "group" to have children. Needless to say, I've been waiting patiently for one of them to announce they are joining the "parenting club"!! I am so happy for her and her husband John, they have been married for 2 years, they will make fabulous parents and I am so very happy for them! God Bless!

Me and my closest friends in a picture from long ago as high school seniors :) (10 years ago!) Me, Nena and Brooke, we were the best of friends in high school and we continue to adore one another and root for one another as we go through life! :)

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  1. Sooo exciting! Congrats to your friend, what a wonderful thing for you, as well. It's always so much fun when a friend has their special!


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