Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Capture!- In the Kitchen

This week's assignment was more fun than I anticipated!

Here's my kitchen. I tried to be creative with the angles :) ENJOY!

One of the coolest parts of having a home that was built in the 1850's is having the original tin ceiling in the kitchen.

The "necessities. Bible, Computer, plant, remote, magazine :)

Good excuse to photograph your butter ;)

My little boy enjoying a cup of (DECAF!) coffee :)

Mother's Day gift one year. My mom made pics of my kids into "flowers" :)


  1. Love your pictures - Ive never seen a ceiling like that before, very interesting!!

  2. Great "in the kitchen" post. Your home is beautiful and full of shows.

  3. Such sweet kitchen captures. I knew I would be jealous with this challenge. See- all my kitchen stuff is packed up for the move so therefore it is quite bare and not homey... yours is VERY homey. I love it!

  4. That ceiling is to die for. I'm super jealous right now.


  5. WOW - what an awesome ceiling!!!!!
    The photos are great :D

  6. You have a very lovely, cheery looking kitchen!

  7. I love the shot of your ceiling. That looks so cool!

  8. I LOVE the ceiling!! Do you have any more pictures of your home?


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