Friday, August 20, 2010

You may now call me "Bat Lady"

Two nights ago, we all went to sleep peacefully as previous nights. My son woke up at about 2:30 am. I went into his room, tucked him back in and then moved in the direction of my daughter's room to check on her. I was stopped in the hallway by what looked like a flying shadow near the ceiling in her room. I stepped closer to take a better look, and to ensure my sleepy eyes weren't deceiving me...sure enough I saw it again! I knew EXACTLY what it was, and I went into my bedroom to wake my husband "Albert!" "What?" "I think; I mean I KNOW! There is a bat flying in Acilia's room!" "A what?" "A BAT!!!!!!!" We went into survival mode. Between our fear and hesistation we *knew* our kids needed to be removed from their beds and hussled into our bedroom! My husband turned into the Knight in shining armor and went into our son's room first. He picked him up and ran back into our room. Shew! One down, one to go! We opened the door and there it was again! The bat was by our door then swooped back into our daughter's room! "Ah, ok, my turn, I'm going in! I'm the mom!" I left my bedroom and started walking to my daughter's room! SWOOP! The bat was in the bathroom and then flew back into our dauther's room! My husband took a turn, he went into our daughter's room and the bat was resting on the drape. "Please Lord, don't let that thing move" Al grabbed Acilia and as he turned to walk out with her, the bat started to fly. He picked up the pace and got safely into our room. Door shut! Now what?!
I did what any rational sane almost 30 year old with a family would do; I picked up the phone and called my parents :) They suggested we call the police non emergency number. I hung up and did just that. We were told there was nothing they could do, and then they gave us numbers for Wildlife Rescue. Read: Free public safety that's paid for by our taxes can't do anything for us; we will transfer you to a company that is going to bill you for an emergency call in the middle of the night! Fabulous! Sign us up! :)
Two and a half hours and $350 later, we had a captured bat that was on it's way to be tested for rabies (you may or may not know but if you share your house with a bat while sleeping, they could potentially have bitten you in your sleep therefore it is lawful for you to have to get a round of Rabies vaccinations. Unles you capture the bat and have it tested). It was hard but we managed to fall back asleep at 5 am.
The following day, the company sent someone to inspect our home inside and out for a bat roost (A bat roost is where they "hang"). The inspector left with great news! It seemed to have been an isolated incident! We were thankful and set on getting a good night's rest.
That night, the kids were tucked into bed, I had just come out of the shower and as I put my towel away I saw something fly past my door. I had been jumpy all day and "seeing" things so I was unsure and truly HOPING it wasn't what I thought it was. I went over to my bed and told Al I thought I saw another bat in the house. He was in denial. I was too. Hoping flew past again! Ok, pretty sure I actually saw that....flies past again....YES. ANOTHER. BAT! Al and I tag teamed this time! The bat was in our son's room, Al had a towel; he walked toward the bat with it, as I walked toward my son who was now awake telling us there was a bat in his room. Bless his heart. We got our son out of there and closed the door behind us. The bat was trapped in our son's room. We immediately got on the phone with the company and had them send someone out. New tech, this one came in captured the bat and then proceeded to the roof to check things out. My husband followed him to help and they befreinded each other. We now have our own personal bat capturer. He told us we could call him at anytime to come and take care of the bats in the house; he is also going to be by this weekend to help my husband "bat proof" the house.
Our night ended at 2 am and we are hoping and praying tonight is a restful night.
Side note: While my husband was outside, he saw a huge skunk in the yard. Skunk made eye contact with my husband then waddled it's way UNDER OUR PORCH! Our bat capturer friend is also a skunk rescuer, so he did us the favor of placing a trap for the skunk. This morning, we had a trapped skunk which has now been removed from the property!
Feels like animal kindgdom here! Or as my mom has put it "A creepy Halloween Horror movie!"


  1. Oh my gosh! You are so much more brave than I am! There is no way on this earth that I could possibly stay there! No way no way no way!!

  2. Oh my goodness, 2 bats in 2 nights?!? What are the odds of that, lol. And then the skunk? I would be a wreck by now. I may have moved out for awhile as well.

    You might want to think ahead and make sure the house around the foundation is sealed up. Once it gets cool, mice are gonna start moving in ;)

  3. Oh we've had mice before! That's a whole other story!!! Quite the comedy!! We have officially dealt with that problem though!


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