Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey Second Grader!

Acilia started second grade last Wednesday. Her first day was a half day and I stayed for the first hour as the kids attended chapel. She loved it! She thinks her teacher is so nice and she met a new friend.

The second day was a little harder. It was the first "full day" and Acilia said she didn't feel ready to stay all day. Good bye was tough, she was near tears and she "leeched onto me" when I hugged her good bye.

I decided to come packed with a punch the next day. We played a board game before bed and I had the brilliant idea to have a "secret good bye" with Acilia to ease her into saying good bye me and hello to her day in a smooth way. We talked about ideas that would work, we settled on doing a quick game of thumb war at the door and then giving each other a high five and then a kiss and a hug and a "have a good day, I love you!"

The third day of school came, she was excited to try our new "secret good bye" it worked like a charm! She said good bye and with a smile on her face, she went inside her class :)

My sweet little girl!


  1. How gorgeous is she?? Hope she loves 2nd grade!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful, she looks just like you! Hope the first week of school is going well :)

  3. Thanks!!! She is doing very well; which is awesome because she was nervous about starting!

  4. Great idea! She's really cute. Your name caught my attention because my sister's name is Karrie, spelled the same way as you which i rather unique. Saw you on Mckmama's blog frog and I'm following you now :-) Nice to meet you! ~Kimberly


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