Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home tour

I enjoy decorating, and I love homes; so I find it suitable to post a "home tour" in my blog. What I am surprised by is that it took a comment on my
You Capture! In the Kitchen post from 3 Sun Kissed Boys to actually urge me to do this! It should have been done ages ago!!! So, without further adieu here is my home:
*FYI: Most of the pictures were NOT taken by me, we had the house up for sale a few years ago and we had a photographer come in and take the pics to put on the listing. Hence the cool "fish eye" effect* Due to the economy it didn't sell and we are still here.

The home was built in the 1850's. It's way older than we thought when we purchased and the way we found this out was when we were renovating the kitchen, we discovered newspaper clippings inside the wall from the 1850's. We purchased it 6 years ago, and then spent 14 months renovating before we officially moved in. The woodwork was hand sanded and refinished, the ceilings upstairs were all turned from "drop ceilings" to vaulted ceilings. We added crown molding to the rooms, refinished the fireplace, painted our little hearts out and at the end of the adventure we had a great place to call our "First Home".

Our front porch covers two sides of our house. I love it!

This is our entry from the back, goes into the kitchen. I wanted a "Tuscan indoor/outdoor feel"

My husband remodeled the kitchen when we bought the house. We kept the historic tin ceiling; everything else was gutted.

This bathroom used to have a shower in it. We took it out and finished the bathroom. Much more spacious!

Dining Room, we purchased the furniture with the home. We just felt it "went" with the charm of the old home.

Family room

We had the hardest time figuring out what to do with this fireplace!! We *just* finished it this spring!

Master bedroom
This room is painted completely different from when this picture was taken. It now has red stripes and the yellow wall by the window is a deep blue. I went with a "All American transporation theme" Complete with little tin airplanes hanging from the light. There is a cherry wood crib in their now and a train table too :)
This is our daughter's room. I caught a lot of grief for this color choice!! When we first painted; with no furniture in the room we used to joke you needed sunglasses to enter the room!! It has since been toned down by being decorated. I had a vision and I am glad I took the risk with bright paint!
The butterfly mural I painted to serve as the headboard for my daughter's bed

That concludes the tour, thanks for looking!


  1. Karrie, looks like yall's hard work is paid off. What an awesome home you have!! I LOVE the porch! The baby's room was super cute as I'm sure still is. The butterfly "headboard" is a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I hope you saved some of the old newspaper and framed it for historic sake. :)

  2. I am glad you saw it and you enjoyed ;) Looking back at those pictures makes me appreciate the home again. When you live in it, it doesn't look "picture perfect" too often, so it's refreshing to see the clean beauty :)

  3. Love the rooms, you did a great job in your decor. Now following your lovely blog.

  4. Karrie, I can't respond back to you to your comment on my post because I get this:

    Check out this link if you're interested in changing the your profile settings.

    But I wanted to tell you to post your shots anyway whenever you get your computer up and runing.

    Don't you love that I'm using your comments section as my own personal comment board to you?? LOL!

  5. Cool home!!! Love your pics. Is that a fisheye lens you are using? pretty cool!!! Love the nursery!


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