Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer breeze

As I let my dogs out tonight the breeze caught me off guard. It smelled like summer and it felt so good. I wanted to bottle it up. Truth be told, I wait all year for summer and when it concludes I could tear up.
Summer is almost over, we have one more week of freedom before school starts and the hustle & bustle of the year and all of it's busyness comes full force. I feel my days getting shorter as the darkness falls upon us at 8PM when it was 9PM a few short weeks ago.
It feels like yesterday that we were frantically searching for our plan as summer began. Here we are; ready to start a new year.
One week from today my daughter will be blissfully asleep (11:30 pm) having the first day at her new school behind her.
She doesn't like school, the poor girl. I told her if it weren't for school she wouldn't know how to read. Something she truly enjoys. She can have her nose in a book for hours each day and still seem to enjoy picking up a new book when the first one is complete. It's exciting to think of what changes will come with this next school year. What maturities will be met, the path our life will take. It's going to be a big year. I can feel it.
For now, I will soak up the summer breeze and it's scented Heaven!

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