Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Appreciating my kids

The last 24 hours have brought forth some sweet moments for me :)
Acilia stayed at her best friend Maddie's house last night. It left Miles and I to have some one on one time. Something that has been rare since summer began. Miles was a little bummed that we couldn't stay at Maddie's house too. He has a little friend Nate there and he wanted to play with Nate. I asked Miles if he would like to go to the mall to ride the "Choo choo" there. Of course he agreed; he's 2 and he loves trains. We got to the mall, the train wasn't running, he adjusted to the idea of not getting a ride very well. He impresses me! We went into the candy store and he picked some chocolate covered raisins. We then walked around he played in a treehouse play area and of course got a kick out of going up and down the escalators :) It was a fun night. I sat and watched Miles and just adored him. He plays so cute. This morning Miles was in bed with us bright and early. Playing and jumping on us like usual. Acilia later came home and Miles and her were so sweet together. I adore the little conversations I overhear between them. Miles missed his big sister. He gave her a big hug when he saw her. So sweet! Tonight when it was bedtime, we all piled on my bed and the kids were playing with a new toy Miles got last night. Then Miles climbed on the bed and sat next to me while saying "I sit next to my mommy" he wiggled his way between me and the toy and wiggled his chunky little feet with content. Precious.
Miles went to bed, Acilia wanted to cuddle with me. She's 7, I wonder when the day will come that she will be too "cool" to cuddle. I hope never. She went to bed, asked if she could read. I went into her room to tuck her in and she was sleeping so peacefully. Face by her books, Christmas books. She was reading Christmas books in August :) So cute!

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  1. <3 this post. It makes me want to almost cry. I feel like I miss out on one-on-one time with each girl and it makes me sad. Glad you were able to spend some time with each kiddo and soak them in.


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