Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cute story

Disclaimer: I hope this story does not offend anyone. The innocence of a child at the age of 7 is quite apparent.

I went to a resale tonight. My 7 year old little girl came with me. It was a girls night out for us. We met up with one of my friends and we got our shop on for Fall/Winter clothes for the kids. Fun night!! I happened to notice on the way in the location it was held at a Synagogue. I guess the name of the place could have given it away "Beth Shalom" IF I was observant. But what I did notice were Yamakas in baskets on a table over to the side in the lobby. We went in did our shopping, we were there for a few hours. Acilia was great and I believe she got a little slap happy towards the end. She came to me and said "Look at me!" She was wearing an adorable little satin pink YAMAKA on her head. Yes, my little dear was quickly giggled at (she looked pretty cute) and then I asked her to go put it back where she found it, because we were to show respect for things that were not our's. :)

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