Sunday, September 5, 2010


You know the kind of decisions that are easy to make. I can make those pretty quickly. It's the decisions that literally change every part of your life that are harder to come by the answers. You can pray and pray and pray for the answers, and I truly believe sometimes God wants you to find the answers on your own. He will guide you through messages in your days, through things that happen during the process, through "signs" that come to you. All of those in place, sometimes the decision is still hard to make. Why? Because that decision may not be the socially acceptable decision. Think about it. Why do something you *know* is viewed wrong. Why sometimes does the *wrong* decision seem like the only decision. Deep down, your heart speaks to you. Your head and your heart work hard to be in line with one another and when that happens, a decision is easy to come by. When your head tells you one thing, and your heart keeps urging you otherwise. The decision is harder to come by. It's agony, it's draining, it's one of those things that no one can give you the answer to. You pray and ask for more signs and peace and serenity. And then the decision does come. The decision that could have come so easily if you had just pushed aside all of the reservations that come into play. You clear it all out, you simplify and just quiet your life, and listen. Listen for what brings your heart peace. Then your decision is made. Sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes the decision is questioned by others. It's questioned by you. You know it's what has to be done, but what if it's the wrong decision? I am at that point. My decision has been made (don't ask what it is, I'm not ready to share). The decision is made. It's right. It feels right. I finally have peace. It's right. I've been asked to think about it; to ponder it even more. Do I have anything left to give? My decision has been made. The second guess question was not greeted well by me, but now that I have even further pondered it than I ever thought I could ponder anything, it's made. That decision. I have to believe it's what God sees for me. I have to believe it, because no one can grant me peace like God can. I have that peace. I am holding on to the peace, and trusting the right decision has been made.

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