Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yes, I donated a kidney to my husband. Yes it was awesome to be able to do it. Yes we LOVE talking about the experience. My husband still tells everyone who will listen how I was his donor and that genuinely melts my heart to see him talking about it. Truly though; it was not *MY* act. It must be clear that it was not my *CHOICE* to give my husband a kidney it was a *CALLING*. My message from God was so very clear. Al was on dialysis for a total of 4 years. It still bothers me deep down that I didn't think to test sooner; so he wouldn't have had to suffer through dialysis for so long. But that wasn't in God's plan. We were trying to get pregnant right before Al's kidney failed. We were unsuccessful and after about 3 months of trying; we found out that Al was infact suffering from kidney failure. I look back and think how different the whole situation would have been if I was pregnant and found out my husband was gravely ill. God protected us. About a year later, we had settled in to our new life as "dialysis family" and we decided to try again for another child. We got pregnant on the first try. Miles was born and our lives would not be the same without him. God knew what was best for us. Miles got a little older, Al got a lot sicker and the calling began. God urging me to get tested. It didn't take long for me to listen to the voice telling me I would be a match for my husband. The second I made the decision to be tested, I *knew* that I would be a match and I *knew* that the process would all work out. All I did was make a decision to listen to God and God has done so much more than I could have ever asked for! I stepped out in faith and through that faith I have been blessed. So YES I donated a kidney to my husband, but I firmly believe and will attest to the fact that no one deserves the Glory for it, besides God. He made it happen, I was just the tool that he used.

Deuteronomy 28:2
All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the LORD your God 


  1. Goose bumps while reading this. It is a God thing when you consider how every moment and detail was so carefully planned. You two have such a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. stunning! wow, thanks for sharing this amazing work of the father in your lives.


  3. WOW, this is amazing!!!! thanks for sharing


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