Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 3

9:30 am
Woke up this morning to raindrops outside of my window! Not a good thing since horse trails are outside- Cya doesn't mind at all- she reminded me they go rain or shine-nothing gets between that girl and her horses! I am glad though that we have just one ride ahead of us for the day - I decided last night to trade our 4 PM ride for two passes to the water park- Good call!

10:20 pm
The day has been great!
We set out to have Acilia tested to trot, got there 15 minutes late and couldn't do it. We took a ride to kill some time before our 11:30 trail- I was on a mission to find boots! The shoes I packed are horribly uncomfortable-never were a problem before this trip but I knew it would be a long few days if I didn't find boots! We stopped at a Factory Surplus store- they had nothing that would work so they suggested a horse tack store about a mile away- we had a major time crunch but I tried anyway-made it to the store but they didn't open until 11. It was 10:40. We waited until a few minutes after 11-still no sign of anyone. We had to leave or we would be late for our 11:30 trail. I was so disappointed. Riding in wet ugly weather with horrible shoes-Boy was I crabby! We made it in time and I got on Simon- what a sweetheart! He was so easy and PRETTY! He was light brown with white "dapples". Acilia rode Cody today-Pokey Cody that is :) The group was big and since the weather was iffy- we had three wranglers with us- I was chatting with "Justin" he was telling us stories about his time here at JJ. He was also helping Acilia keep Cody at a good pace. All the while giving her pointers on good posture while trotting. Very enjoyable ride- All things considered! Ride ended- I was back on a mission for boots. We went back to the tack shop it was adorable in there! We spent a lot of time in there and I did walk out with a pair of AWESOME CUTE & COMFY boots! I can't wait to try them tomorrow! The rest of the time day was spent at the water park- we ran into a mom and daughter - we buddied up and spent the whole evening together- social treat! Sandy & Casey- Sandy recognized me from the canter trail last night and Casey was an 11 year old well mannered sweet girl! I am bummed to report they are leaving tomorrow :( We left the water park and headed to get a bite to eat- we had just ordered when Sandy and Casey walked in- we invited them to join us for dinner- it was nice to have company! We finished dinner and then went for some ice cream- Sandy and Casey came back to our room to see what the suites looked like- Sandy is considering JJ for a family reunion trip- we finished up the evening with "It was nice to meet you" I gave her my email address and they left. You meet so many people in your life- some you know you will never see again; always makes me sad! Tomorrow is a new day- I can't believe tomorrow marks half way through our trip!
P.S. I forgot to add Acilia did attempt a trot evaluation, the horse wasn't great and neither was the woman evaluating. Acilia did not pass- she was so disappointed she got off the horse in tears :( She is determined to try again tomorrow though! That's my girl!

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  1. Yay for boots and for Acilia trying again for her evaluation!


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