Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 7

10:40 pm

Well-there are no regrets today- we started the day with a 10 am trail ride-that was our only trail all day! Felt kind of weird! It was perfect though because it started raining when we were done! So Acilia took a "walk" trail and I took a "canter" trail. Acilia requested Blaster - I believe he's her favorite horse. I rode "Mater" It was just me and the wrangler again-this time it was Thomas- We ran up a huge hill- it was great! Got back early so we took a walk around the barn. I've taken many rides here this week I can't believe all the trails! So many and they are all beautiful! My favorite by far has been the "tall pines forest" rows and rows of trees- so beautiful! After our ride-we were informed our "steak dinner trail" was cancelled- we had signed up and paid in advance but there just weren't enough people signed up- Cya was let down- I had sort of expected it would happen- so I wasn't surprised. But I was disappointed. I though that would have been a great "last night" thing to do- we went and got the refund- which was a blessing because I am so low on cash and it was my mission not to use credit cards while here! We ordered a pizza and played in the arcade for a while- we went back to the room for a few hours and then left to try the rifle range. It was Acilia's first time with a gun and I was so happy she tried it! I plain old stunk at it! Didn't get one shot on the target! Not like my "cluster shot" days as a kid :( That rifle was hard to aim- so that's my justification for being so bad! Ha! We spent a lot of time at Back Forty today- visited the dogs and the petting farm and they had mock lasso practice and barrel racing set up- Acilia loved it all! We went back to the room for sandwiches- hung out for a bit and got ready for a night of fun at the talent show/line dancing. I SO enjoyed the line dancing- I love that kind of stuff - Acilia lasted about 5 minutes then asked if she could go outside- I could see her out the window so I told her it was OK. She went back to the lasso practice- Thomas the wrangler was out there- he spent a lot of time helping her-so sweet! When the line dancing was up- I went out to join Cya- there was quite a group of kid's by then and Thomas started a game called "Lasso the kids" Each child lasso'd had to sit on the sidelines- Cya was the last one standing; I got a cute video...she even slipped out once :) After that we visited the petting farm - I have the hardest time getting Acilia out of there! She loves the animals so much!!
So, tomorrow we check out! I have a little packing left- we have a 10 and 11:30 am trail- we will probably say good bye to the dogs and the petting farm animals and hit the road headed H O M E ! !

This has been such a great trip and I have really enjoyed writing updates each day! It's sure to be a trip we remember for a lifetime!

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