Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One week from today...

Acilia and I are packin' our bags and headed "out west" (Or ummm north michigan) to spend 8 blissful days just the two of us, with horses, lots and lots of horses!! I picked up journals last night for each of us to pen the details so we can look back and remember this awesome trip! Acilia is a writer like me. I look forward to opening our journals each night and marking the happenings each day we are gone. I am thankful for technology because without it, I wouldn't have the hope of Skyping with my hubs and my little boy who we will miss dearly!! Each mess I clean though; I think to myself how nice it will be to not have to clean messes while we are away, and then I get a thought of sheer horror thinking about what this house will look like when we return. Leaving the boys behind; neither of which are very good at cleaning, I may have to call an S.O.S! Either way, Acilia and I are counting down the days; the the time we will get to spend together; it will be so special. I can just feel it!

I can't believe it's really happening! My big girl will be 8 years old the day before we leave and this Dude Ranch trip is something we have been talking about since she was 4 years old! I've been promising her a mommy/daughter trip when she turns 8. She's 8 you guys! Where does the time GO!??!


  1. Have the best time. I can't wait to read all about it. Love that pic too.

  2. Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Enjoy every minute!

  3. Sending best wishes for an awesome time...enjoy, relax and connect.... I am pretty sure you can do that with horses! :)

  4. Oh how fun! I know you guys will have a fantastic time. I'm sure your daughter will look back fodly at this time with you!


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