Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Acilia and I arrived at the Dude Ranch today. I bought each of us a journal to note each day; I decided I will type my entries word for word here on the blog :

Day 1

We are here! We arrived today at 3:15 PM - thought we would have time to make it to our 4 PM trail ride- turns out time here is an hour later than IL! So we actually checked in at 4:15 - missed our first ride - kinda bummed! Cya was bummed too but we got to our room and I was blown away! A W E S O M E room- complete with kitchen, sitting areas, a balcony (corner room too!) one bedroom with a hot tub in the room! We have two fireplaces- nice is an understatement! I got unpacked- Acilia was hungry so we set out to explore - we got a bite to eat at a restaurant that had a pull down screen to play movies. An Old West movie was on- Acilia wasn't too happy about that- moments later the server came to ask if we minded if she put a kid's movie on- Yes Please! She turned on Madagascar 2- Cya slowed down with her eating because she wanted to stay longer and watch :) We left afterwhile and got Cya an ice cream cone- one of many this week I am sure!
We shopped a bit and enjoyed the resort-It's a mix of Dude Ranch West with modern touches- It's great! I look forward to exploring more tomorrow and taking LOT'S of pictures!!! Speaking of better run, this time change could be a problem tomorrow morning when we have to be out the door between 8 and 10 AM to get Acilia's horse riding skills evaluated so we can get to the trails!!

P.S. I hope to stay on a budget this week I'm saving receipts and will track our spending - we took a trip to Meijer (half hour away! Grrr-not local!) to get some groceries and goodies :)

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  1. So glad you are there and off to a great start. Have fun tomorrow. : )


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