Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We are home. Ahhhh, as much as I was anticipating being home the last few days, I found it really hard to say good bye to the ranch. The people there were so nice, I really enjoyed the horse back riding every day and the other animals there were so precious! The ride home was smooth sailing and when we hit our exit to head to my parent's house (to pick up Miles) I found myself crying! I was so happy to be home, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I am so thankful to God that this trip went so well and that He kept us safe and happy. I was chatting with a woman on my last trail, her name is Joanie and she's been coming to the ranch for 18 years with a friend she met AT the ranch. Our chatting had her revealing to me that in her cantering days, she fell off her favorite horse and broke her shoulder. It happens. Horse back riding can be dangerous and I am just so grateful that it was not dangerous on our clock! I have so many pictures that I am working through. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't atleast pick a few to share??

This ranch has over 90 horses!

Comfy rocking chairs :)

This is where all the fun happens! "The Back Forty"

Many more to come! Yeeeeehaw!


  1. Glad you had this experience with your daughter. So cool. I can't wait for more pics.

  2. Welcome home! What a great mother-daughter bonding trip you two had. I'm sure it's one neither of you will ever forget!


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