Monday, June 6, 2011

My kids are growing :)

I know it happens, and usually I am ok with it. Afterall, it's NATURAL for your kids to grow. It never hits me until I see a progression of pictures. That's when I choke up a bit and realize how quickly life really goes. The last time I had the kids pictures taken professionally, Miles was 18 months. He is 3.5 now and obviously things have changed for both of them. I took the kids today to get new pictures. My grandma wants one of both kids to put on her picture wall. Glad she requested that because it gave me a little push to get in and get updated pictures. Here are my faves from the day.

I adore this pose! Too sweet

Holy cow they are grown up!

Miles looks like such a little charmer in this pic :)

I love how Acilia is sort of looking off to the side

I am so impressed with how well they did!! We were in and out within a half an hour! The kids were cooperative in a way that made this mom proud! It was quite a relief because they usually team up against me when we are out in public and I usually walk out of photo shoots in a sweat!! HA!

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