Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hard Working

This post is dedicated to my husband. When I think of one word to describe my husband it's "Hard Working"
The way he worked through dialysis while still supporting his family and the way he started a business while dealing with kidney failure says so much about him; it's hard not to note his extreme loyalty to taking care of his loved ones. He makes me feel like I will always be taken care of and I just know my kids will grow up feeling the same way! We are so happy he now has a working kidney so he can work and love as hard as his little heart desires! :)
Digging a little deeper, I could describe him as "FUN!" The man likes to have fun and he likes everyone around him to have fun too! He works hard and plays hard!
He was a man that was sincerely surprised when I found out we were pregnant with our first child
A surprise that took some adjustment for both of us.
He proposed to me at our baby shower when I was 8 months pregnant.
It meant so much to me! It showed me he was willing to embrace the new life we were about to embark on.
He is the father of two children now; he adores his children and they adore his tickle monster antics!
He's loving and carefree and is growing as a spiritual role model
No one can treat my kids the way their daddy does and as the mom that gets to see it from the outside, 
I am blessed that I like what I see!
Happy Father's Day to my one of a kind husband Al
We love you


  1. Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating him!

  2. I love your tattoo, and the message behind it! Oh, and your post? So sweet...your husband sounds like quite the guy! (And your kiddos are adorable!)


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