Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why do I blog?

*Disclaimer, I started writing this on Sunday*
I have been asking myself this question lately. Not because I don't know the answer, but because I want to explain it to you; in a way that adequately describes my thoughts. Today I was enlightened. In church I was listening to the sermon and the light bulb moment occurred. Boy do I love those moments!! I blog to inspire. Yes indeed, I do. You have no idea how happy it makes me to read comments about how my words have touched others, or better yet, how my words have inspired others to *change* God guides all I do. Truly!! I have been embracing my relationship with God and making things less about *me* and more about *others*. Difficult task, especially when it comes to my closest "neighbors" (read: Husband!! Ha!) BUT I also believe I am a work in progress and my life is a journey to be shared.

I took specific notes during the sermon, I would like to share them with you to go with today's theme of "inspiring others" the sermon in church inspired me :)

It was pulled from Acts 1:1-11

"What we need to know about getting into Heaven"

1. You are a sinner!
2. God is Holy- he must punish sin- but doesn't want to lose you.
3. Jesus is the solution.
4. Believe it! Receive it!
5. Real faith bears fruit.
6. You are not alone!

"Just be a witness"
"Simply tell other's what has happened to you"

Yup! That last statement was what cued the light bulb. It's so simple. Share friends, share what happens, share the good news!! I so enjoy typing out my journey and having others read along with me, is just icing on the cake! (Ooh, who wants cake now? I do I do!!)

I also have to share that Acilia and I had a conversation about church that went somewhat like this:
 I was explaining to Acilia that she's getting to the age where she should be walking into church and taking more away from it than just sitting there taking up space and doing her own thing (reading, drawing, etc.) she replied (not proud here, but she was being truthful) "Why do I need to listen in church?? I already know all about Jesus?" I replied that I know Jesus too, but I am working on a relationship with him. I want to *know* him more deeply than knowledge of him can offer. I then went on to point out a few times that she has felt Jesus with her, and how that will keep happening if she keeps pursuing him. The point in the sermon where the Pastor stated "real faith bears fruit" solidified what I was saying to her, so I perked up in church and nudged her to listen so she could soak in the message. Sometimes kids listen when it's not their parents telling them; but others reinforcing what mom and dad have taught!


  1. beautiful psot...LOve that "real faith bears fruit"

  2. Love this, Karrie. What a good conversation you were able to have with your daughter.


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