Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 6

9:00 pm

Time is winding down- I find myself counting down till we leave more and more- I miss Miles terribly- talking to him and Albert on Skype is so hard- I see them but the connection is awful so it's sort of like a tease. I spoke with them for almost an hour- I hung up with a headache after straining to hear but it was so nice to see little Miles bopping in and out of the room and the pups and of course the hubs! Can't wait to hug them all! Today is Sunday- I was hopeful all week that we could find a church to visit - there is one close by but they have only one service on Sunday (9:30 am) I didn't get out of bed until the service had already started. Needless to say we missed it :(
We left here about 11 am had plans to visit the "swimmin' hole" (pool) and say HI to the pups too! We had enough time to see the dogs and swim- I stayed out of the pool- water was freezing on one side and green on the other Bleck!- that's what the pool gets with all the rain! The green water didn't bother Cya much- she said it was warmer on that side and there were more things for her to do over there. We dried off and left in time to get some lunch before our 2:30 trail. I've been eating the chicken fingers, may be a kid's meal but they are sooooooo good! After lunch we changed in the bathroom and headed to our trail ride- I rode Josey- took her on the canter trail- I was the only one on that trail; so that was pretty nice! The wrangler Joanna and I cantered a few times- I had to laugh at Josey's method - she would canter canter canter TROT canter canter canter TROT- she couldn't make up her mind! I remember thinking I should have emptied my bladder before the ride- I was pleased there was no wetting the saddle! I *DO* still have bladder control! :) I made a joke to my wrangler and she said they have had people wet the saddle; I replied with "you must see some funny things having all these people on the trails!" We returned and then went out again- I love the back to back rides! I got Josey again! First time all week I've had the same horse twice in a row- Josey was sweet so I didn't mind. Acilia and I took the trot trail- I was so surprised she wanted to trot again- but impressed that she wanted to! We asked for a horse with a smooth trot- Dakota the appaloosa was her horse- she said it was still too bumpy! We'll see what she tries tomorrow :) Josey was a little better on the trot trail- though she cantered more than she trotted- silly horse! When we were done- we went for ice cream and have been in the room since. I went and did a load of laundry- disaster! It was coin laundry and they had no detergent on site- I had just enough money to wash-not enough to dry and with no soap- it was more like an expensive rinse! Ha! Atleast I tried! We ate here in the room and did some coloring and relaxing and are hoping to get to bed early tonight!

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