Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hurry up and wait!

There are many things in my life right now that are in motion, yet I still need to wait for.

I just finished yet another class. Basic Nutrition was my summer class and it FLEW by! I enjoyed it tremendously and got an A, so I am happy! :) Fall is around the corner, which means I am a mere few weeks away from starting my next course, Chemistry, ACK! Not one I am looking forward to, however, this is officially the last class I need to start the application process for the nursing program. Something that back in 2008 when I started the school journey, felt so far away. Now its here. Well, sort of. Here, as in apply in spring and wait until next summer to officially start classes. Hurry up and wait.

On the subject of school, as you know, we decided to send Acilia to public school starting in 5th grade which is not this year, but next year. I am so thrilled to have this clarity, yet, we still have a whole year until it gets put into motion. Hurry up and wait.

We went miniature golfing as a family last week. It was on our summer list of things to do, we had a great time, Miles said he wanted to stay and play the rest of the night and started the next morning by proclaiming "I want to go mini golfing again" so, yes it was a great time! We pulled into the garage when we got home and I looked at a corner of the garage and how that one corner of the garage signified to me "HOLY CR*P we have a lot of stuff to move". I was overwhelmed. The thought of packing up this home which we have lived in for 8 years, our first home, and first of all putting this house on the market and having it critiqued by potential buyers AND taking everything in the home and finding a place for it, whether it be garbage, sell, donate or move with us, holy Lord help me keep my head about this!! And, this is what I feel now, we won't even be putting the house on the market until spring. Hurry up and wait!

Overall, summer is still a few weeks from ending, but the "new school year" buzz has started, school supplies, catalogs for new school clothes, schedule organizing. I just spent a good hour looking at the end of August and how busy it's going to be. August just started, I want nothing more than for the last few weeks of summer to be slow and enjoyable, yet at the same time, now our schedule is shaping up, I am eager to get on with it so I can fill in the holes and feel structure in our lives again. I am so thankful to still be enjoying the company of my kids. I know this time of the summer is trying for some of you moms out there and I just want to say "Hang in there, enjoy the last bit of summer because it will be over before we know it!!" Hurry up and wait.

Working on the "to do list" Priorities must be in order to put the house up for sale!

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  1. i can't believe how fast this year, in general, is going by! where has summer gone?!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting,i like the dandelion photo a lot too.



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