Sunday, August 12, 2012


My sweet Acilia, has grown tremendously over the last year. She is to start 4th grade in a little over a week and the changes I've seen are nothing short of merging pure sweet innocence with adulthood. This is a special time and one I will cherish as we work our way through what has been known to be "tween" stage. We have real conversations now, I am always delighted when she has an opinion about something and it's her own, her own thoughts her own views. Yesterday we were out looking for some school shoes. We found ourselves in the women's shoes section, she has grown so much that she actually can fit into women's shoes now. She is about a size 6 (translates to a size 3.5 in youth). Her favorite color is blue and she found some striking blue shoes, by Jessica Simpson that she was intent on trying on. I gladly watched as she tried on all the heels she wanted to. She wanted to buy a pair. If the cheapest pair I could find wasn't $30, I would have bought her a pair in a heartbeat. I had the talk with her that we will find her a pair of her very own heels that she can wear around the house. I feel it's important if you are going to wear high heels, that you should be able to carry yourself in them with grace and confidence! She was told when we do find a pair that she loves, that she will only be allowed to wear them around the house, until she is older where she can show her "high heeled strut" with confidence! In many ways, Acilia is very much like me, in other ways, she is about the exact opposite of me! In the heel wearing way, she's my clone and it's a true joy to see this blossom!


  1. You would not be impressed with my closet. Nike's as far as the eye can see. I do have a pair of black high heels for church or anything else I have to be a "grrown-up" at!ha

    1. Classic black heels for every closet is a must! Glad you have those, I couldn't imagine gym shoes with a fancy dress ;)


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