Monday, August 6, 2012

Working through that summer list

I was faced with an overwhelmed feeling on Saturday. I had the August calendar in front of me and I was feverishly figuring out plans for the next few weeks until school starts!
I had my summer list on the counter, I marked the items that we could physically still do before summer ends and then allowed to let go the events that will not feasibly work this year.

Yesterday, we marked one more item off the list: "Rowboats on Herrick Lake".
We left around 4:30 in the afternoon, rented our boat for $10 for an hour, donned our life jackets and we were on our way! We got into the boat, and Al got us out into the water, then the kids were ready to try their skills at the oars! Miles was happy as long as he was in the "drivers seat" but otherwise he was less than amused. The hour went quickly overall, except for a few moments, like when we were going under a bridge and it was sort of narrow and shallow and I was sweating a bit because I was in the rowing seat. Though I was happy that when we went back under the bridge, Al got us into the same predicament! There was also a lot of seat switching going on and it was making me a nervous wreck! I was picturing Miles falling overboard and I had already threatened if he fell out, we would not fish him out!! I am a woman of my word, so I was hoping that he stayed in the boat! HA HA!!
When our hour was up, we took a walk around the lake per Miles' request, I absolutely LOVE walking, so I enjoyed it immensely, Al on the other hand, took one for the team. He is not a fan of walks I guess!

Sorry to sweet Acilia who's combating the sun in this picture. I had to put it in, it's the only one that proves I was there that day!! ;)

Al and Miles having a snuggle moment!

Kids did pretty good with the oars!

Al took his rowing very seriously :)

Walking around the lake, we found this bench for a little rest. I love everything about this picture!!


  1. Fabulous family outing & great exercise too.

    1. I was waiting to be sore in the shoulders from rowing, I am thankful that never happened!

  2. So fun! I used to love doing stuff like that when I was a kid!

    1. Adventures in nature, a beautiful thing!! :)


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