Saturday, August 11, 2012

Savor it

I am impulsive by nature. I like the satisfaction of wanting something and getting it right away. I've been this way my whole life. Recent years, have showed me that life is not always impulsive and by naturally being impulsive, I *may* just be missing out on the journey. I believe God has placed waiting into my life, and what I am about to write about is how I finally can see with clear eyes the beauty of waiting.

This is Acilia's last year at her current school. This was a decision that came to me as a revelation, and the perfect amount of waiting is 1 year. One year and we will be on a new journey. On paper one year is a short wait, but in reality, there is still another year. A year of getting things in order, a year of the journey a year of waiting.

Last week, I allowed my impulsiveness to sneak in and attempt to wreak havoc on our plans. It came to me in an instant, why not just pull Acilia out of her school now and start her out here this school year instead of next school year? The whole time my mind was conspiring all the reasons why that would be a perfect solution to the waiting, the other side of my mind, the new, patient, logical side was signaling caution with this plan that had many holes. (I got a similar feeling a few years back when I was looking at homes, BEFORE our house was sold. Cart before the horse anyone?) A plan can be perfect, but what I am learning is that the plan is only perfect when perfect timing is in play. My thoughts were valid, my reasons for wanting to get Acilia started at a new school right away were justified, but were they logical? Not at this time. Waiting one more year, is most logical. I must say, I am impressed with my new way of thinking things through. I am encouraged that I am growing out of the impulsive side of myself; but also resting assured that the impulsive side is a good "fire starter" so to speak and I won't completely give up on the crazy ideas that I come up with. A perfect compromise!

So, on to "savoring". I was thinking of the things I will be savoring this year, as they will most likely not be a regular part of our routine after this year.

Most of the savoring will come from my time with Miles. This is his last year of preschool and we all know once Kindergarten starts, it's all downhill!! Time flies and preschool is sort of the in between for when our children are babies, and when they are in school 6+ hours a day.

Savor this:
Our 20 minute commute. As much as I complain about the drive to get Acilia to school, I also really enjoy the time in the morning and afternoon, being couped up with my kids. They read, they look out the window, we sing and dance, we talk about what we see, we pray, we talk about life, it's a great time and I will miss it.

Miles and I are "regulars" at Einstein Bagels. We go two days a week, to one on the corner in a little downtown area that is right next to the railroad tracks. He loves to watch the trains go through as we eat our bagels and I drink my coffee.

I will miss my morning coffee!! Atleast 4 times a week, I stop at a local shop for coffee to drink on the way to school.  It's the best coffee and I really love how we literally drive past on our way to school.

I will savor my time in downtown Wheaton. I spend a lot of time there while Miles is in school and also when he gets out of school. We visit a little train museum, we walk around, we go through the park, we go to the library, he loves it all! Last year I parked my car by the park and studied with my poodle Remo as my company. I would study for an hour and then walk around town for an hour. I look forward to doing the same thing, although my time will be limited due to my new class schedule.

I will savor getting to pick Miles up at 11:30 and having a few hours with just him while big sis is in school.

As quickly as I would drop our routine to get on with our new phase in life, I do enjoy many aspects of our "everyday normal" once school starts. I am ahead of the game knowing things will change next year and for that I am looking forward to what's to come as I look forward to savoring the moments that we really enjoy!


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