Friday, August 10, 2012

A pet's life

We are pets. 
We didn't ask to be in your family, but we trust you to care for us.
We as pets, don't ask for much. 
We speak to you through our eyes or our bark. 
You can see our souls; happy, sad, content or distressed. It's all there. 
We can't speak, but we trust that you will know what we need and that you will provide for us.

We like to be outside but, if you don't let us out, we WILL find a place in the house that feels like grass. Don't punish us for these little mistakes. 
It's not our fault. 
We can't tell you when we need to use the bathroom. 
We love to please you. We work hard to keep you happy, see me sit pretty? 
We like to play. 
A lot. 
If you won't play with us, 
we will find a way to play by ourselves. 
It won't be as fun, but it will do. We aren't picky!
Take good care of our paws. 
We need them to walk.
 If it's hot outside or there is ice on the ground, beware of our sensitive pads. 
They hurt when they are abused. 
Keep our nails short. 
We know there are pets out there that don't like to have their paws touched. 
Be patient. Our paws are our transportation. We can get protective of them.

We sleep a lot. We like to sleep on your feet all snuggled up to you.
We need the rest. We spend a lot of time loving you. 
We like company. 
We don't like to be left alone. 
We make friends with other pets or with our humans. 

We want you to remember, 
we love you, 
we trust you and 
we want nothing more than for other animals out there to be as blessed as we are. 
Remo and Franko

*This post was inspired by my growing awareness of animal cruelty. It's beyond me, how anyone could harm an animal. It makes me sick to think about it, but it's out there and I am stepping out to say it must stop. Pets need humane care. As a minimum. Don't get mad at them for making a mess, they are animals. Animals have instincts and to have them living in your home, they are bound to show their "animal" side once in a while. It's natural. IF you don't like it, don't have pets! My heart aches for the animals that don't get the care they deserve, the consideration they seek, the sheer unconditional love they give. Just consider them, they always consider you.*

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